11A- صحبت درباره اینکه در گذشته کجا بوده ام

اشتراک گذاری در شبکه های اجتماعی

پس از مطالعه این درس شما قادر خواهید بود به انگلیسی درباره گذشته صحبت کنید. درس ذیل از سری دروس آموزش زبان انگلیسی سطح ابتدایی (A1) لینگوتایز است که بر اساس صفحات 106 و 107 کتاب Four Corners 1 (بخش یازدهم، درس A) تهیه گردیده و در اختیار شما زبان آموز عزیز قرار گرفته است. لطفاً جهت دانلود کتاب و فایلهای صوتی و ویدیویی و همچنین آشنایی با کل دوره به این صفحه مراجعه کنید.

 A  Where were you?

لغات کلیدی:

all right بسیار خوب
awful بسیار بد
boring خسته کننده
exciting هیجان انگیز
fun سرگرم کننده
great عالی
interesting جالب
noisy شلوغ
OK خوب
quiet ساکت
so-so نه خوب و نه بد
terrible وحشتناک

1 Vocabulary Adjectivies

1 واژگان صفت ها

Listen and repeat.

A گوش دهید و تکرار کنید.

شادی، تفریح

هیجان انگیز، سرگرم کننده، عالی

بسیار خوب

بسیار خوب، خوب، نه خوب نه بد


خیلی بد، وحشتناک

جاب، خسته کننده


جالب خسته کننده

ساکت، شلوغ


بی صدا، آرام شلوغ، پر سر و صدا

B Pair work Think of things that each adjective describes. Discuss you ideas.

B تمرین دونفره در مورد چیزهایی که صفت ها را توصیف می کنند فکر کنید. در مورد ایده های خود بحث کنید.

A: Sports are exciting.

B: Basketball is exciting, but I think soccer is boring.



2 Language in context Quick getaways


Listen to four people talk about recent trips. Number the pictures from 1 to 4.


1. We went on a school trip last week. We went to a teather and saw an exciting play. The actors were great.     - Olivia

2. We just had a three-day weekend. I went away with my family. It was a fun trip, but our hotel wasn't very nice. In fact, it was terrible.     - Ichiro

3. I was at my brother's apartment last weekend. He doesn't have a TV or a computer. It was quiet and kind of boring.     - Brian

4. My friend and I went on a day trip last week. We took a local bus to an old town. The bus was awful noisy, but the trip was intresting. Look what I bought!     - Eleanor


هتل، سوغاتی

تئاتر، اتاق




- 4

- 2

- 1

- 3


Did each person like his or her trip? Why or why not?


3 Grammar Past of be


Where were you last weekend?

was  at my brother's apartment.

How was your weekend?

It was quiet and kind of boring.

I / he / she / it


you / we / they


Was your trip intresting?

Yes, it was.          No, it wasn't.

Were the people nice?

Yes, they were.          No, they weren't.

Contractions         wasn't = was not            weren't = were not

Complete the guest comment card with was, were, wasn't, or weren't. Then compare with a partner.


Guest comments

My wife, son, and I       were        guests at your hoter last week. Unfortunately, we                         happy with our room. The room                      clean, and the beds                      awful. And the room                         near the street. The noise                      terrible in the early morning. But the people at the hotel                       great, so that                        good!




1. were

2. weren't

3. wasn't

4. were

5. was

6. was

7. were

8. was


Read the answers. Write the questions. Then practice with a partner.


  1.  How was your weekend?                              It was great.
  2.                                                                         Yes, my weekend was interesting.
  3.                                                                         I was on a trip.
  4.                                                                         No, I wasn't at the theater on Friday.
  5.                                                                         Yes, I was at home on Sunday afternoon.
  6.                                                                         My parents were in Tahiti.



1. How was your weekend?

2. Was your weekend interesting?

3. Where were you?

4. Were you at the theater on Friday?

5. Were you at home on Sunday afternoon?

6. Where were your parents?


C Pair work Ask and answer the questions in Part B. Answer with your own information.

4 Speaking Where were you last Friday night?


A Pair work Interview your partner. Take notes.

Where were you . . . ? Location Extra information
at this time yesterday    
on your birthday    
on New Year's Eve    
last Friday night    

B Group work Tell your group about your partner's answers. Who was in an interesting place? Who did interesting things?


 I can  describe where I was in the past.



28 دیدگاه ارسال شده:

I was  my brothers apartment at this time yesterday .

I was  restaurant with my family and very nice on my birthday.

We were on the  trip on new year’s Eve.

I was  with my friends last Friday night.

I and my students went on a school trip last weekend. It was a fun trip, but our bus wasn't very well. In fact, it was terrible. We took a local bus. our bus was awful noisy, but our trip was intresting. 

Hi , Nayereh . thanks for posting such a great piece of writing . 

Here are your mistakes : 

Don't write :                                                        write :    

I and my students                                            My students and I 

our bus wasn't very well                                    our bus wasn't very good 

  Last Friday

I slept late last Friday night. I didn't eat breakfast last Friday because I got up late yesterday.

I didn't watched the Tv show in my home last Friday. I went to garden for the recreation. After that I went to the mountain last Friday . because garden is near the mountain . after that I went to the restaurant for ate the food . I ate Kabab in the restaurant .after that I visited my relatives  at their home last Friday night. after that I ate dinner early after that I and my relatives went to the cinema for the watched the new film.     



Mohammad  thanks for such a brilliant piece of writing . Here are your mistakes: 

 don't say : "I didn't watched "            say :   I didn't watch .   if you use "didn't " , don't use "ed" 

 don't say :"in my home "                  say : at home 

 don't say : " for the recreation "        say : for fun  

 don't say : "garden is near the mountain"        say : The garden ..........

 don't  say : " for ate the food "                       say : for eating food .      after preposition , use verb+ing

  don't say :   "Kabab"                                    say : Kebab

  don't say :" I and my relatives"                     say : my relatives and I 

 don't say : " for the watched"                        say : for watching 


last Friday

I went for recreation to the garden last Friday. There were some old friends in the garden . I didn't see old my friends long time. We ate for the lunch chicken KABAB.then we went to  Emamzadeh Shahreza holly shrine and we went to mountain near the garden after that we played volleyball

We went to jomeh bazar we bought shoes and clothes and fruit and other thinges in the jomeh bezar very thinges is chep then we came back to garden and we ate dinner then we came back to home.


Hey . Mohammad . It is awesome . thankkkkks 


don't say :   

" I went for the recreation to the  garden"      say " I went to the garden last Friday"  

"old my friends"                                          say : my old friends     

"we ate for the lunch chicken kabab"            say :  we ate chicken kebab for lunch "   " subject+verb +object+....... "

" jomeh bazar "        say "  Jomeh Bazar , a street market  "  j" and " b" must be capital

" in the jomeh bazar "               say " in Jomeh Bazar "    

" very things is chep "              say " everything is cheap"

" came back to home "             say " came back home "



Last Friday

I did house work Friday morning such as washing cleaning and cocking. then i went to my old friend s home because he married .but before , I bought a present for them .I saw his wife and their new life . I was so glad, because we were co worker for several years ago. Then I had lunch with together. That was delicious. When I came home I watched soccer game on TV and a little read a book. By the way Friday was rainy. 

(by sirus)

Sirous , wowwww . perfect . But here are your mistakes      on the left  , the mistakes  and on the right, the correct words 

Don't write : 

 " i "                                write : " I"

" old friend  s home "        write : old friend 's home                add " ' befor s "

 "co   worker  for several years ago  "          write :" we were  co-workers  several years ago"

" with together"                                    write : together

" soccer game "                                   write :  "a soccer game "  

" a little read a book "                           write : " read a book a little "                                      


Did you meet your new friend last night ?                                                                             Did anyone study a book in a year?

Did you speak with him yesterday morning ?

Did you see a movie at the cinema last night?

Did you memorize the conversation last session ?

Did you sleep late last night?

Did you get up before 7:00 a.m yesterday morning?

Did anyone meet your parents every week?

by sirus

1.did your mom make dinner last night?

2. did your sister do hame work last week?

3.did he go to museum for visiting there last year?

4.did you create a website for your office yesterday?

5.did she upload a afilm for your website twe days ago?

Hi, Sirous . excellent 

your mistakes : 

hame work                                   her home work 

go to museum                          go to the museum

on last sunday I played basketball at stadium. then I came back home and we had a party with my friend in my home.my family invited my freind be couse they want surprised me.

I was completely confused and happy.it was one of the best  my memory.that night my friend played gittar and everyone was singerwink.


Hey mr.Abbasi . It's such a perfect piece of writing 

Here are your mistakes : 

At the stadium


they wanted to surprise me

one of my best memories

played the guitar 

everyone sang 

Dear Lida

My friends and I went to Shiraz. I had grate time here in Shiraz. We took an air plan. We went go sightseeing in Shiraz.we visited to Darvaze Ghoran and Hafezieh and Vakil shower and market Vakil and Imamzadeh Shah cheragh .I bought a nice souvenir for you . I bought Klocheh and Darab oranges Abghoreh bread Fasa. we ate Falodeh Shirazi.We stayed  two week there after We came back to home.  

see you soon!

Muhammad ali

Dear my family

My friend and i went to Bushehre we moved from Tehran on Bahman 21.We drove almost 15 hours . When we arrived,we were so tired.

We went to Bazar and shopped to markets such as date fish dry shrimp and tea

Also we went sightseeing , beach and took pictures.                                                           

I liked the vacation because when we are going to beach all of things were good , i relaxed

By the way we eat Sambooseh. we got back home on Bahman 27

see you soon


Hi, Sirous thanks for your assignment 

correct these mistakes : 

i     (capital i)                     I   

bazar  :                           Bazaar

shopped to markets:         shopped in markets 

date    ;                            some dates  , fish amd smoky shrimp and some tea

beach     :                           we went to the beach 

when we are going to beach    : when we went to the beach , the weather was pleasant and nice 

we eat                          ; sirous for the past tense we use : ate man

on Bahman 27               : on Bahman 27th


Dear mis hadian

My family and I are having a great time here in stanbul.we took a bus from antalia to stanbul two days ago. Yesterday morning  we went to old aeras in stanbul.there was so beautiful, then we went to boqaz bridge for walking there.that bridge is on marmar sea. Yesterday afternoon we went to bezar and shoped souvenir for you.

See you soon


Hi Mohammad, thanks for writing your assignment

 correct these words: 

Miss ( capital M )   

antalia   ( capital a)     Antalia

stanbul (capital s)        Stanbul

bazar                         bazaar

kyan :Hello?

Arash: Hey, Kyan. it's Arash .listen , do you want to shopping to market street tonight?

Kyan:I'm afraid I can't.

Arash: Oh,Ok . well, mabey some other time.

Afshin: Hello?

Arash:Hi, Afshin It's Arash. Listen do you want to shopping to market street tonight?

Afshin: shopping?sure. yeah that sounds great.


Sirous:Hi,Ali.Its Sirous.Listen.Do you want to go a zoo on friday?

Ali:Friday?I m sorry.I can t

Sirous:Oh.Ok.Well,maybe some other time.But Ali, do you want to go at a club on sunday?

Ali: Sunday? Sure. I d love to.




Sirous:Hi,Reza.This is Sirous.Listen,do you want to go a concert on saturday?

Reza:Saturday?I m really sorry,but I can t.

Sirous: Oh.Ok.Well.maybe some other time.By the way Reza.do you want to go at the mall today?

Reza:Today?Sounds good.

Sirous: great.

(by sirous)




Milad: hello?

Mohammad: hey,milad.it's mohammad.do you want to go night club tonight?

Milad: tonight? I'm afraid I can't.

Mohammad: oh, ok.well, maybe some other time.

Mehdi: hello mohammad.

Mohammad: hello Mehdi.do you want to go night club tonight?

Mehdi: golf? Sure, That sounds great.

Mohammad: great.