10D- صحبت کردن درباره رستوران ها

اشتراک گذاری در شبکه های اجتماعی

پس از مطالعه این درس شما قادر خواهید بود به انگلیسی درباره رستوران ها صحبت کنید. درس ذیل از سری دروس آموزش زبان انگلیسی سطح پایین متوسط (A2) لینگوتایز است که بر اساس صفحات 102 و 103 کتاب Four Corners 2 (بخش دهم، درس D) تهیه گردیده و در اختیار شما زبان آموز عزیز قرار گرفته است. لطفاً جهت دانلود کتاب و فایلهای صوتی و ویدیویی و همچنین آشنایی با کل دوره به این صفحه مراجعه کنید.

 D  Restaurant experiences

1 Reading

A Read the webpage, which sentence describes all three restaurants? Check (✔) the correct answer.

 They don't have a lot of light.

 They are in good locations.

 They're not very expensive.

 They are very unusual.



رستورانی محبوب در توکیو

Ninja Akasaka is a popular restaurant in Tokyo. A ninja in dark clothes greets guests at the door and takes them through the dark hallways of the ninja house to their tables. The waiters also dress as ninjas. Ninja Akasaka has over a hundred delicious dishes to choose from. There’s also a branch of the restaurant in Manhattan -Ninja New York.

رستوران گیاهخواری در هند

Annalakshmi is a vegetarian restaurant in Chennai. India, with additional restaurants in three other countries. There are no prices on the menu, so guests pay what they can! The people who work there are volunteers and take turns serving customers, cleaning tables, and washing dishes. Indian art covers the walls, and there are even live music and dance performances.

رستوران تاریک در فرانسه

At Dans Le Noir (In the Dark) in Paris, guests order their food in a place with a lot of light, but then they eat in darkness. They focus on the touch, smell, and taste of the food. The waiters there are blind, so when guests are ready to leave, they call their waiters name. Their waiter then takes them back to the place where they ordered the food. There are additional restaurants in London and Moscow.




They are very unusual.


B Read the webpage again. Write T (true), F (false), or Ni (no information) next to the sentences.

1. Guests dress as ninjas at Ninja Akasaka.          

2. Ninja New York is more popular than Ninja Akasaka.          

3. Annalakshmi has restaurants in four countries.          

4. Every guest at Annalakshmi pays the same price.          

5. Guests never see their food at Dans Le Noir.          

6. The cooks at Dans Le Noir are blind.          



1. T

2. NI

3. T

4. F

5. T

6. NI


C Pair work Which restaurants in Part A do you think you'd enjoy? Why? Have you ever been to an unusual restaurant? Tell your partner.

2 Listening So, what did you think?

A Listen to three couples talk about the restaurants in Exercise 1. Where did each couple eat? Number the restaurants from 1 to 3.

 Ninja Akasaka


 Dans Le Noir




1. Annalakshmi

2. Ninja Akasaka

3. Dans Le Noir



Page 103, Exercise 2, Listening, So, what did you think?

M1: Hmm ... that was ... really ... interesting.
W1: Yeah, it was. But in a good way.
M1: So you liked it?
W1: Yeah, I did. The food was excellent.
M1: Yeah, it was. And I didn't miss the meat.
W1: And the people were so friendly. The service was excellent.
M1: I know. But I didn't really like how they did the prices.
W1: Yeah, I agree. Do you think we paid too little or too much?
M1: Who knows?

M2: That was an unusual experience. Thanks again for taking me.
W2: Thanks for joining me. So you enjoyed it?
M2: Oh, yes. The food was great – a lot of choices.
W2: Yeah, I loved everything I ate. But those hallways were pretty dark. I didn't like that much. But I guess that's all part of the experience.
M2: I guess so.
W2: Well, this restaurant is in a great location. We can walk around or get some coffee.
M2: Great idea!

W3: That was really ... unusual. What did you think?
M3: I'm not sure exactly. That was a first for me.
W3: Yeah. Do you think the food tasted different from other French food?
M3: I'm not sure. You do think about it more, I suppose.
W3: I liked the service. Our waiters were excellent.
M3: They were good, yeah.
W3: But did you like the food?
M3: Oh, yes. It was delicious. How do you think it looked?
W3: I have no idea. I thought the prices were pretty good, though.
M3: I agree. French food can be expensive, but this wasn't bad.


B Listen again. Check (✔) the things each couple liked about the experience.

  the service the prices the location the food



1. the service - the food

2. the location - the food

3. the service - the prices - the food


3 Writing A review

A Think of a restaurant you like. Answer the questions.

  • What is the name of the restaurant?
  • What type of food does it serve?
  • When were you there last?
  • What would you recommend ordering?
  • What do you like about the restaurant?


B Write a short review of your favorite restaurant. Use the model and your answers from Part A to help you.

My Favorite Restaurant

Seoul Barbecue is my favorite restaurant. It serves delicious, healthy Korean food. I went there last week and loved it. I ordered beef, and I had some small side dishes. I would recommend doing that. It's fun because you cook your own meat at the table. It's a little expensive, but I really liked the service. I'd recommend this restaurant.


C Class activity Post your reviews around the room. Read your classmates' reviews. Then get more information about the restaurant that interests you the most.


4 Speaking Restaurant recommendations

Pair work Recommend a good place to go for each situation. Discuss your ideas.

پیشنهادات برای رفتن به رستوران

  • take an overseas visitor
  • meet a big group of friends
  • have a child's birthday party
  • have a quiet dinner for two
  • get a quick, cheap lunch
  • enjoy live music


A: What's a good place to meet a big group of friends?

B: How about. . . ? There's a private room for big groups.


 I can  describe restaurant experiences.