7A- توصیف کردن و مقایسه کالاها

اشتراک گذاری در شبکه های اجتماعی

پس از مطالعه این درس شما قادر خواهید بود به انگلیسی اجسام و کالاها را توصیف کرده و مقایسه کنید. درس ذیل از سری دروس آموزش زبان انگلیسی سطح پایین متوسط (A2) لینگوتایز است که بر اساس صفحات 66 و 67  کتاب Four Corners 2 (بخش هفتم، درس A) تهیه گردیده و در اختیار شما زبان آموز عزیز قرار گرفته است. لطفاً جهت دانلود کتاب و فایلهای صوتی و ویدیویی و همچنین آشنایی با کل دوره به این صفحه مراجعه کنید.

 A  It's lighter and thinner.

 A   این سبک تر و باریک تر است.

لغات کلیدی:

big بزرگ
small کوچک
expensive گران
cheap ارزان قیمت
heavy سنگین
light سبک
loud پر صدا
quiet آرام
slow کند
fast سریع
thick قطور
thin نازک

1 Vocabulary Opposites

1 واژگان متضادها

Label the pictures with the correct words. Then listen and check you answers.




تلفن همراه



دوربین عکاسی


car: small - big

fan: quiet - loud

cell phone: thin - thick

computer: light - heavy

printer: fast - slow

camera: cheap - expensive


B Pair work Use the words in Part A to describe things you own. Tell your partner.

"My cell phone is thin and light."

2 Language in context Which is better?

Read the message board. Then label the pictures.


تلفن همراه

Star X07 or MyPhone?

micheal12 Posted:          May 5   11:45 p.m.

Help! I need a phone and can't decide between the Star X07 and the MyPhone. Which is better?


johnnyjay Posted:          May 6    8:07 a.m.

Get the Star X07. It's lighter and thinner, and the Internet connection is faster. It has a larger choice of colors, too. The Star X07 comes only in black.


cybergal Posted:          May 6    9:52 p.m.

The MyPhonr is better. It's less expensive, and the Internet connection is faster, It has a larger choice of colors, too/ The Star X07 comes only in black.


Which of the two phones do you like?

3 Grammar Comparative adjectives


The Star X07 is lighter than the MyPhone.

The MyPhone is heavier than the Star X07.


Which cell phone is more expensive?

The Star X07 is more expensive than the MyPhone.

The MyPhone is less expensive than the Star X07.


Is the MyPhone better than the Star X07?

No, I don't think it's better. It's worse.



Adjective Comparative
light lighter
nice nicer
thin thinner
heavy heavier
difficult more / less difficult
good better
bad worse

Complete the sentences with the correct comparative form. Add than if necessary. Then compare with a partner.

Is you new printer                     (fast) your old one?

  1. Are desktop computers always                     (heavy) laptops?
  2. This new camera is really cheap! It's                        (expensive) than my old one.
  3. I like this TV, but I think I want a                  (big) one.
  4. This phone has an MP3 player, so it's                    (expensive) other phones.
  5. My new camera isn't                        (good) my old one. In fact, it's                   (bad)!



1. faster than

2. heavier than

3. less expensive

4. bigger

5. more expensive

6. better than - worse


4 Speaking Let's compare!

A Pair work Compare these products. How many sentences can you make?




دوربین عکاسی

A: Car A is older than Car B.

B: And it's slower. Do you think Car A is quieter?



B Pair work Which product in each pair do you prefer? Why?

 I can  describe and compare products.


2 دیدگاه ارسال شده:

Car A is cheaper than care B

Car B is more expensive and more beautiful and faster than car A, I prefer car B although I don't have enough money laugh


Watch A is older than watch B, I prefer watch A because it's more beautiful and cheaper than watch B.


Camera A is cheaper and heavier than camera B

I prefer camerA because it's more expensive and lighter and smaller and more quality than camera B

Pictures of camera B is more clear than camera A.

Camera B is more convenient for transport.