افزودن دیدگاه جدید

Informative and inspirational ,

I like this part of the arcticle most where it says , even a long journey starts off with taking the first step, and what's more ? don't just keep your eyes locked on how much of the way you still have to go . every now and then stop and look BACK and see how much you've already taken . then think to yourself , I've made it this far so I can go even further . remember the time u could barely speak and now feel the progress you've made .on the other hand . the moment you think your'e good enough is the moment you stop !

another thing as in the above-mentioned article is that when it comes to learning English , patience and practice are two defining factors . don't chivvy yourself along it expecting that you'll have a native like English over a night or two . give it time .

and last but not least , try to make it fun for yourself , you wouldn't spend much time and energy on learning English if you take it as a burden on your shoulders .

above all learning English can be like a hobby to you , it doesn't have to be at the center of your attention , so other things should take the first priority and English would be like an extra curriculum to you .

God bless you all :)