psychology [noun]

The study of the mind and how it affects behaviour

US /saɪˈkɑː.lə.dʒi/ 
UK /saɪˈkɒl.ə.dʒi/ 



An expert in psychology

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The study of the mind and how it affects behaviour

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An expert in psychology

یک کارشناس روانشناسی

Oxford Essential Dictionary


 noun (no plural)
the study of the mind and how it works

Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English


psychology W3 AC /saɪˈkɒlədʒi $ -ˈkɑː-/ noun (plural psychologies)
  [Word Family: noun: psychology, psychologist; adverb: psychologically; adjective: psychological]
 1. [uncountable] the study of the mind and how it influences people’s behaviour
  educational/social etc psychology
   • experts in the field of developmental psychology
 2. [uncountable] the mental processes involved in believing in something or doing a certain activity
  psychology of
   • research into the psychology of racism
 3. [uncountable and countable] what someone thinks or believes, and how this affects what they do:
   • the psychology of three-year-olds
   • mob psychology
   • You have to use psychology to get people to stop smoking.

Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary


psych·ology AW [psychology psychologies]   [saɪˈkɒlədʒi]    [saɪˈkɑːlədʒi]  noun

1. uncountable the scientific study of the mind and how it influences behaviour

social/educational/child psychology

compare  pop psychology

2. singular the kind of mind that sb has that makes them think or behave in a particular way

• the psychology of small boys

3. singular how the mind influences behaviour in a particular area of life

• the psychology of interpersonal relationships


Word Origin:

late 17th cent.: from modern Latin psychologia (see psycho-, -logy).


Example Bank:

• The answers we give will reflect our own psychology.

• Watching the shoppers at the sales gave her a first-hand insight into crowd psychology.

Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary


psychology /saɪˈkɒl.ə.dʒi/ US /-ˈkɑː.lə-/
noun [U]
the scientific study of the way the human mind works and how it influences behaviour, or the influence of a particular person's character on their behaviour:
She studied psychology at Harvard.
a lecturer in psychology
child psychology
the psychology of the soldier
Compare psychiatry.

psychological /ˌsaɪ.kəlˈɒdʒ.ɪ.kəl/ US /-kəˈlɑː.dʒɪ-/
1 relating to the human mind and feelings:
psychological problems
He claims that the constant aircraft noise has a bad psychological effect on the residents.
We are concerned with the physical and psychological well-being of our employees.

2 (of an illness or other physical problem) caused by anxiety or sadness:
I suspect his headaches are purely psychological.

3 [before noun] describes a film or book in which there is a lot of attention given to the way people influence each other's behaviour:
a psychological thriller

psychologically /ˌsaɪ.kəlˈɒdʒ.ɪ.kli/ US /-kəˈlɑː.dʒɪ-/
psychologically disturbed

psychologist /saɪˈkɒl.ə.dʒɪst/ US /-ˈ
noun [C]
someone who studies the human mind and human emotions and behaviour, and how different situations have an effect on them:
a child psychologist
an educational psychologist
She spent 15 years as a clinical psychologist with the Northumberland Health Authority.

Collins COBUILD Advanced Learner’s English Dictionary


 1) N-UNCOUNT Psychology is the scientific study of the human mind and the reasons for people's behaviour.
  ...Professor of Psychology at Bedford College.
 2) N-UNCOUNT: usu N of n The psychology of a person is the kind of mind that they have, which makes them think or behave in the way that they do.
  ...a fascination with the psychology of murderers.

Merriam-Webster's Advanced Learner's Dictionary

Merriam-Webster's Advanced Learner's Dictionary: 


psy·chol·o·gy /saɪˈkɑːləʤi/ noun, pl -gies
1 [noncount] : the science or study of the mind and behavior
• She studied psychology in college.
2 : the way a person or group thinks


• the psychology of an athlete
• mob psychology
• the psychology of crowd behavior


• We need to understand the psychologies of the two people involved in the incident.

- see also reverse psychology

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