tongue in cheek

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tongue in cheek [idiom]

(Also with your tongue in your cheek) If a remark is tongue in cheek, it is not serious and is rather intended to be a joke.

tongue in cheek - محض شوخی و خنده

چیزی که جدی نیست و برای شوخی و خنده گفته میشود.


He said he was the sharpest boy in the family, I guess it was just a tongue in cheek.

Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English


ˌtongue-in-ˈcheek BrE AmE adjective
a tongue-in-cheek remark is said as a joke, not seriously:
I love that kind of tongue-in-cheek wit.
—tongue-in-cheek adverb:
I think he was talking tongue-in-cheek.

Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary


I. ˌtongue-in-ˈcheek f103 [tongue-in-cheek]       adjective
not intended seriously; done or said as a joke
a tongue-in-cheek remark  
Example Bank:

The magazine published a wonderful tongue-in-cheek review of his latest work.

II. ˌtongue-in-ˈcheek adverb

The offer was made almost tongue-in-cheek.

Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary

Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary - 4th Edition

tongue in cheek ( also with your tongue in your cheek )

If you say something tongue in cheek, you intend it to be understood as a joke, although you might appear to be serious:

He said that he was America's greatest lover, although I suspect it was tongue in cheek.

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Collins Advanced Learner’s English Dictionary

A tongue-in-cheek remark or attitude is not serious, although it may seem to be.

...a lighthearted, tongue-in-cheek approach.

This is all slightly tongue-in-cheek, I'd like to make that clear.

Were they written tongue-in-cheek, or with an underlying conviction?

Merriam-Webster's Advanced Learner's Dictionary



Definition of tongue-in-cheek

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: characterized by insincerity, irony, or whimsical exaggeration