string someone along

اشتراک گذاری در شبکه های اجتماعی

string someone along [idiom]

To deliberately deceive someone about your plans or intentions over a period of time; to make someone believe something while you know for a fact that you are misleading them and giving them false hopes about that thing

string someone along - کسی را به بازی گرفتن

فریب دادن کسی، کسی را به بازی گرفتن، سر کار گذاشتن


Can’t you see he has strung you around? There is no pay raise or promotion and he only wants you to do all his duties to go on holiday freely.

Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English

string along phrasal verb informal1 string somebody along to deceive someone for a long time by making them believe that you will help them, that you love them etc He’s just stringing you along.2 British English to go somewhere with someone for a short time, especially because you do not have anything else to dowith If you’re going into town, I’ll string along with you.

Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary

Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary - 4th Edition

string sb along — phrasal verb with string / strɪŋ / verb [ T ] ( strung , strung )

to deceive someone for a long time about what you are really intending to do:

She's been promising to pay back the money for six months, but I reckon she's just stringing me along.

He strung her along for years, saying he'd marry her and divorce his wife.

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Collins Advanced Learner’s English Dictionary

string along

phrasal verb

If you string someone along, you deceive them by letting them believe you have the same desires, beliefs, or hopes as them.


The longer you string him along, the more hurt he will be when you dump him. [VERB noun PARTICLE]