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fatty [adjective]

containing a lot of fat

US /ˈfæt̬.i/ 
UK /ˈfæt.i/ 

چرب، پر چربی


Goose is a very fatty meat.

Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English


I. fatty1 /ˈfæti/ BrE AmE adjective
[Word Family: adjective: ↑fat, ↑fattening, ↑fatty, ↑fatted; noun: ↑fat, ↑fatty; verb: ↑fatten]
containing a lot of fat:
fatty foods

Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary



fatty [fatty fatties fattier fattiest] adjective, noun   [ˈfæti]    [ˈfæti] 


adjective (fat·tier, fat·ti·est)
containing a lot of fat; consisting of fat
fatty foods

fatty tissue

Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary

Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary - 4th Edition

fatty / ˈfæt.i /   / ˈfæt̬- / adjective

C1 containing a lot of fat:

Goose is a very fatty meat.

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Collins Advanced Learner’s English Dictionary


 fattier, fattiest, fatties
 1) ADJ-GRADED: usu ADJ n Fatty food contains a lot of fat.
  Don't eat fatty food or chocolates...
  The report dispels the myth that Northerners have a fattier diet than people in the south.
 2) ADJ: ADJ n Fatty acids or fatty tissues, for example, contain or consist of fat.
  ...fatty acids...
  The woman lost about 1.8kg of fatty tissue during the week's fast.
 3) N-COUNT (disapproval) If you call someone a fatty, you are criticizing or insulting them for being fat. [INFORMAL]
  Consuming this amount of food could turn these fit players into fatties...
  `Get another one, Fatty,' said Jerry.

Merriam-Webster's Advanced Learner's Dictionary

1fat·ty /ˈfæti/ adj fat·ti·er; -est [more ~; most ~] : containing fat and especially a large amount of fat
• a rather fatty steak
fatty tissue
• I try to avoid fatty foods.