strong [adjective] (NOT WEAK)

Powerful; having or using great force or control

US /strɑːŋ/ 
UK /strɒŋ/ 

قوی، نیرومند


He's strong enough to lift a car!

او به اندازه ای قدرتمند است که می تواند یک ماشین را بلند کند!

Oxford Essential Dictionary


 adjective (stronger, strongest)

1 A strong person has a powerful body, and can carry heavy things:
I need somebody strong to help me move this piano.

2 A strong object does not break easily:
Don't stand on that chair – it's not very strong.

3 A strong opinion or belief is not easy to change:
There was strong opposition to the plan.

4 powerful:
strong winds
The current was very strong.

5 having a big effect on the mind or the body:
I like strong tea (= with not much milk in it).
a strong smell of oranges

Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English


strong S1 W1 /strɒŋ $ strɒːŋ/ BrE AmE adjective (comparative stronger, superlative strongest)
[Word Family: verb: ↑strengthen; noun: ↑strength; adverb: ↑strongly; adjective: ↑strong]
[Language: Old English; Origin: strang]
1. ABLE TO LIFT HEAVY THINGS/DO HARD WORK having a lot of physical power so that you can lift heavy things, do hard physical work etc:
He was a big strong man.
Jack was tall and strong.
strong hands/arms/muscles etc
He picked her up in his big strong arms.
I’m not strong enough to fight him. ⇨ see Thesaurus box on P. 1752
2. NOT EASILY BROKEN OR DAMAGED not easily broken or damaged:
good strong shoes
The locks on the doors were solid and strong.
3. ABLE TO DEAL WITH DIFFICULTY determined and able to deal with a difficult or upsetting situation:
I’m not strong enough to take insults and hatred.
Laura had a strong character.
4. POWERFUL having a lot of power or influence:
The Fifth French Republic was established with a strong president in 1958.
a strong national army
Our party is the strongest as we come up to the election.
5. FEELINGS/OPINIONS strong emotions, opinions, beliefs etc are ones that you feel or believe a lot and are very serious about:
He had a strong sense of responsibility to his vocation of preaching.
There has been strong support for the strike.
The proposal has met with strong opposition from local people.
strong feelings/views/opinions
Many people have strong feelings about the issue.
6. AFFECT/INFLUENCE a strong desire, influence etc affects you very much:
He had a strong desire for power.
Such feelings may have a strong influence over your decisions.
The temptation is very strong.
7. RELATIONSHIP a strong relationship, friendship etc is very loyal and likely to last a long time:
He maintained strong links with the world of the deaf.
She still has a strong relationship with her mother.
I have a strong commitment to the quality of teaching.
8. ARGUMENT/REASON ETC likely to persuade other people that something is true or the correct thing to do:
There is a strong case for an energy conservation programme.
They need strong evidence to secure a conviction.
a strong argument
9. LIKELY likely to succeed or happen:
She’s a strong candidate for the party leadership.
strong possibility/chance/probability
A year ago, there was a strong possibility that he wouldn’t live.
10. HEALTHY healthy, especially after you have been ill:
I don’t think her heart is very strong.
You’ve been blessed with a strong constitution (=you are healthy and do not easily become ill).
11. be in a strong position (also gain a strong position) to be in a situation where you have power over other people or are likely to get what you want:
The company have gained a strong position in the cheese market.
12. strong wind/current/tide wind, water etc that moves with great force:
A strong wind was blowing across the lake.
13. GOOD AT SOMETHING very good at something:
His writing was strong on description.
We beat a team that was much stronger than ourselves.
be sb’s strong point/suit (=the thing that someone is especially good at)
Tact never was my strong point.
14. TASTE/SMELL having a taste or smell that you notice easily:
strong coffee
This cheese has a very strong flavour.
a strong smell of petrol
15. ALCOHOL/DRUGS ETC having a lot of a substance, such as alcohol, that gives something its effect:
extra strong beer
strong painkillers
I haven’t touched strong drink (=alcoholic drinks) for years.
16. LIGHT/COLOUR bright and easy to see:
The light was not very strong.
17. strong language speech or writing that contains a lot of swearing:
This film is not suitable for children under 12 as it contains strong language.
18. strong accent the way that someone pronounces words that shows clearly that they come from a particular area or country:
a strong German accent
19. strong nose/chin/features a nose etc that is large and noticeable, especially in an attractive way:
She has the same strong features as her mother.
20. MONEY a strong ↑currency (=the type of money used in a country) does not easily lose its value compared with other currencies
21. 600/10,000 etc strong [only after number] used to give the number of people in a crowd or organization:
the company’s 2,200 strong workforce
The crowd was 10,000 strong.
22. be going strong to continue to be active or successful, even after a long time:
He celebrated his ninetieth birthday this month, and he’s still going strong.
come on strong at ↑come on(10)
• • •
COLLOCATIONS (for Meanings 5 & 6)
■ nouns
strong views/opinions/ideas She has strong views on education.
a strong feeling I have a lot of strong feelings on the issue.
a strong belief We have a strong belief that everyone has the right to worship freely.
a strong sense of something There is a strong sense of community here.
strong support The idea won strong support in rural areas.
strong opposition There had been strong opposition to the scheme from the national park authority.
a strong interest in something At 16, he developed a strong interest in archaeology.
a strong commitment to something Since its establishment in 1945 the College has had a strong commitment to research.
a strong desire for something/to do something People have a strong desire for personal independence.
a strong influence The experience of living there had a strong influence on me.
a strong impression She made a strong impression on me.
a strong temptation There’s always a strong temptation to put off doing difficult tasks.
• • •
■ having a strong body
strong having a lot of physical strength: It took four strong men to lift the piano. | You open it – you’re stronger than I am.
powerful very strong – used about someone’s body, arms, muscles etc: his big powerful shoulders | He was a tall man with a powerful physique.
muscular having big muscles and looking strong: She liked men who were big and muscular. | He had a firm muscular body.
well-built a well-built man is strong and tall and has a big body: Police say the man they are looking for is 36 years old, 6 feet tall, and well-built.
hunky informal strong and attractive: She married hunky Hollywood star Brad Pitt. | He looks hunky, but he’s not really my type.
■ not easily broken or damaged
strong not easily broken or damaged: The bags are made of strong black plastic. | We need a strong rope for this job.
tough strong – used especially about something that can be used a lot without damaging it or making it weaker: a pair of tough leather boots | Kitchen floors need to be tough enough to withstand heavy use.
heavy-duty [only before noun] extremely strong – used about materials, tools, machines etc that are made especially to be used a lot without being easily damaged: heavy-duty rubber gloves | a heavy-duty carpet for the hallway
sturdy strong and often thick, and not likely to fall over or get broken: a fence made with sturdy wooden posts | The furniture is simple but sturdy.
unbreakable extremely strong and impossible to break: Babies need to have unbreakable dishes and cups.
indestructible impossible to break, damage, or destroy, and lasting forever: Gold is virtually indestructible. | The pyramids were built as indestructible tombs for the Pharaohs.
hard-wearing British English, long-wearing American English used about materials and products that will remain in good condition for a long time even when they are used a lot: Ceramic tiles are easy to keep clean and hard-wearing. | a hard-wearing fabric
durable especially written used about materials and products that will remain in good condition for a long time – often used on product labels: The jacket has a durable nylon lining. | Varnish is more durable than paint.
robust especially written strongly made – used especially about the structure of something, for example a vehicle or machine: a mountain bike with a robust frame | The hardware for the computer must be robust and inexpensive.

Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary


strong [strong stronger strongest]   [strɒŋ]    [strɔːŋ]  adjective (strong·er   [strɒŋɡə(r)]  ;   [strɔːŋɡər]  , strong·est   [strɒŋɡɪst]  ;   [strɔːŋɡɪst]  )

1. (of people, animals, etc.) having a lot of physical power so that you can lift heavy weights, do hard physical work, etc
strong muscles
She wasn't a strong swimmer (= she could not swim well).

• He's strong enough to lift a car!

2. (of a natural or physical force) having great power
Stay indoors in the middle of the day, when the sun is strongest.
a strong wind/current

• a strong magnet

3. having a powerful effect on the body or mind

• a strong drug  


4. having a lot of power or influence

• a strong leader/government

5. the strong plural people who are rich or powerful  

6. very powerful and difficult for people to fight against or defeat
• a strong team

(figurative) The temptation to tell her everything was very strong.

7. (of an argument, evidence, etc.) difficult to attack or criticize
• There is strong evidence of a link between exercise and a healthy heart.

• You have a strong case for getting your job back.  


8. only before noun (of a person) holding an opinion or a belief very firmly and seriously
Syn:  firm

• a strong supporter/opponent of the government

9. (of an opinion, a belief or a feeling) very powerful
• strong support for the government

• People have strong feelings about this issue.  


10. (of objects) not easily broken or damaged; made well

• a strong chair  


11. not easily upset or frightened; not easily influenced by other people
You need strong nerves to ride a bike in London.
It's difficult, I know. But be strong!
a strong personality
• She's had a strong will since she was a baby.

see also  headstrong, strong-minded, strong-willed  


12. likely to succeed or happen
a strong candidate for the job
You're in a strong position to negotiate a deal.

• There's a strong possibility that we'll lose the game.  


13. good at sth
• The play has a very strong cast.

• Mathematics was never my strong point (= I was never very good at it).  


14. great in number

• There was a strong police presence at the demonstration.

15. used after numbers to show the size of a group
• a 5 000-strong crowd

• The crowd was 5 000 strong.  


16. (of a person) not easily affected by disease; healthy

• Are you feeling stronger now after your rest?  


17. firmly established; difficult to destroy
• a strong marriage

• The college has strong links with local industry.  


18. (of prices, an economy, etc.) having a value that is high or increasing
• strong share prices

• The euro is getting stronger against the dollar.

19. (of a business or an industry) in a safe financial position

• Their catering business remained strong despite the recession.  


20. easy to see, hear, feel or smell; very great or intense
a strong smell
a strong feeling of nausea
a strong voice (= loud)
strong colours
a face with strong features (= large and noticeable)
• She spoke with a strong Australian accent.

• He was under strong pressure to resign.  


21. having a lot of flavour

• strong cheese  


22. containing a lot of a substance

• strong black coffee  


23. (of words or language) having a lot of force, often causing offence to people

• The movie has been criticized for strong language (= swearing).  


24. usually before noun (of a verb) forming the past tense and past participle by changing a vowel, not by adding a regular ending, for example sing, sang  

25. usually before noun used to describe the way some words are pronounced when they have stress. For example, the strong form of and is / [ænd] / .
Opp:  weak 
more at sb's best/strongest/winning card at  card  n.
Idioms: a bit strong  come on strong  going strong  have a strong stomach  somebody's strong suit  strong on something
Derived Word: strongly  
Word Origin:
Old English, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch and German streng, also to string.  
strong adj.
He's strong enough to lift a car!
muscular|especially written, usually approving powerful
Opp: weak
(a) strong/muscular/powerful build/body/arms/legs
strong/powerful muscles/jaws
Stay indoors when the sun is strongest.
brightdazzlingbrilliantboldintense|disapproving harshglaring
Opp: weak
strong/bright/dazzling/brilliant/intense/harsh/glaring light
strong/bright/dazzling/brilliant/bold/harsh/glaring colours
strong/bright/dazzling/brilliant/glaring sunshine
3. (approving)
The country needs a strong leader.
Opp: weak
a/an strong/powerful/important/influential/great/dominant figure/leader/position
a/an strong/powerful/influential lobby
a/an strong/powerful/important/great/dominant influence
Which word? Strong people are confident and have leadership qualities. Powerful people such as politicians use their position to control events. Important people influence other people or events because people respect them or because their position means their actions have a great effect. Influential people change other people's opinions or behaviour because people respect and listen to them.
You have a strong case for getting your job back.
convincingpersuasiveforcefulcompelling|formal cogent
Opp: weak
a strong/convincing/persuasive/forceful/compelling/cogent argument
strong/convincing/persuasive/compelling/cogent evidence
a strong/convincing/persuasive/compelling/cogent reason/case
You need vitamins to keep you strong and healthy.
healthygood|especially BrE fit|especially spoken wellfine
Opp: weak
get strong/fit/well
physically strong/healthy/fit/well
fit and strong/healthy/well
strong cheese/coffee
Opp: mild, Opp: weak
a strong/hot/spicy flavour
a strong/spicy taste
strong/hot mustard  
Word Family:
strong adjective
strongly adverb
strength noun
strengthen verb  
all right OK fine healthy strong fit
These words all describe sb who is not ill and is in good health.
well[not usually before noun] (rather informal) in good health: I'm not feeling very well. Is he well enough to travel?
Well is used especially to talk about your own health, to ask sb about their health or to make a comment on it.
all right[not before noun] (rather informal) not feeling ill; not injured: Are you feeling all right?
OK[not before noun] (informal) not feeling ill; not injured: She says she's OK now, and will be back at work tomorrow.
all right or ok?
These words are slightly less positive than the other words in this group. They are both used in spoken English to talk about not actually being ill or injured, rather than being positively in good health. Both are rather informal but OK is slightly more informal than all right.
fine[not before noun] (not used in negative statements) (rather informal) completely well: ‘How are you?’ ‘Fine, thanks.’
Fine is used especially to talk about your health, especially when sb asks you how you are. It is also used to talk about sb's health when you are talking to sb else. Unlike well it is not often used to ask sb about their health or make a comment on it: Are you keeping fine?
healthyin good health and not likely to become ill: Keep healthy by exercising regularly.
strongin good health and not suffering from an illness: After a few weeks she was feeling stronger.
Strong is often used to talk about becoming healthy again after an illness.
fit(especially BrE) in good physical health, especially because you take regular physical exercise: I go swimming every day in order to keep fit.
all right/OK/fit for sth
all right/OK/fit to do sth
to feel/look well/all right/OK/fine/healthy/strong/fit
to keep (sb) well/healthy/fit
perfectly well/all right/OK/fine/healthy/fit
physically well/healthy/strong/fit 
Example Bank:
Don't try to go back to work before you are physically strong enough.
He exerts an extremely strong influence on his classmates.
Sales were surprisingly strong in the second half of the year.
The box looks strong enough.
The business is still going strong.
The men's golf team finished strong on Saturday.
The party lacks a strong enough local base.
This news helped keep the dollar relatively strong today.
We must stand strong in the face of adversity.
After a few weeks she was feeling stronger.
He felt that the evidence was sufficiently strong to make the claims he did.
He's strong enough to lift a car!
It's difficult, I know, but be strong!
She has long been one of the strongest advocates of sanctions.
She is the leader of one of the country's strongest trade unions.
She wasn't a strong swimmer.
Stay indoors in the middle of the day, when the sun is strongest.
The report recommended a strong role for the governing board in school policy on discipline.
There is strong evidence of a link between exercise and a healthy heart.
These vitamins are meant to keep you healthy and strong.
This traditional Cheddar is a treat for lovers of strong farmhouse cheese.
We hope to see you well and strong again soon.
What the country needs right now is a strong government.
Will this damage his image as a strong leader?
• You'll need to use plenty of strong French mustard.

• a cup of strong black coffee

Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary

Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary - 4th Edition

strong / strɒŋ /   / strɑːŋ / adjective (NOT WEAK)

A2 powerful; having or using great force or control:

She must be very strong to carry such a weight on her back.

It is surely the duty of the stronger members in a society to help those who are weak.

My grandmother had a strong influence/effect on my early childhood.

Strong winds are forecast in the area for the next few days.

It's surprising what strong memories a photograph can produce.

Get Carl to lift it - he's as strong as an ox (= very strong) .

B2 effective; of a good quality or level and likely to be successful:

We will need strong policies if our economic problems are to be solved.

I can give you stronger pain-killing drugs if these aren't strong enough.

Strong trading links exist between us and many South American countries.

B2 clever or good at doing things:

Without a doubt, she's the strongest candidate we've interviewed for the post.

As a guitarist, he's strong on (= good at) technique but perhaps lacks feeling in some pieces.

strong / strɒŋ /   / strɑːŋ / adjective (DETERMINED)

B2 difficult to argue with; firm and determined:

She has strong opinions about religion.

He has a strong personality , but don't let him bully you.

Most of the group have strong views on the subject of divorce.


strong / strɒŋ /   / strɑːŋ / adjective (NOTICEABLE)

B1 If a taste, smell, etc. is strong, it is very noticeable or powerful:

A strong light was shining straight in my eyes.

There's a really strong smell of bleach in the corridor.

I don't like coffee/tea if it's too strong.

The room was decorated in very strong colours.

What a strong likeness there is between the brothers.

strong / strɒŋ /   / strɑːŋ / adjective (DIFFICULT TO BREAK)

B1 difficult to break, destroy, or make sick, or able to support a heavy weight or force:

a strong box/chair

The window is made from very strong glass - it won't shatter.

He's never been very strong, and I'm afraid all the excitement was too much for him.

He had such a strong will to live - he simply refused to die.

→  See also strength (POWER)

strong / strɒŋ /   / strɑːŋ / adjective (LIKELY)

very likely to happen:

There's a strong possibility/likelihood of finding the child within the next few hours.

The treatment's chances of success are stronger if it is started as soon as the disease is diagnosed.

strong / strɒŋ /   / strɑːŋ / adjective [ after noun ] (IN NUMBER)

having the stated number of people, members, etc.:

Our social club is currently about 80 strong.

→  See also strength (NUMBER)


strong / strɒŋ /   / strɑːŋ / adjective specialized (CHEMISTRY)

describes an acid, alkali, or chemical base that produces many ions (= atoms with an electrical charge) when it is dissolved in water

© Cambridge University Press 2013

Collins COBUILD Advanced Learner’s English Dictionary


/strɒŋ, AM strɔ:ŋ/
(stronger /strɒŋgə(r), AM strɔ:ŋgər/, strongest /strɒŋgɪst, AM strɔ:ŋgɪst/)

Frequency: The word is one of the 700 most common words in English.

Someone who is strong is healthy with good muscles and can move or carry heavy things, or do hard physical work.
I’m not strong enough to carry him...
I feared I wouldn’t be able to control such a strong horse.

Someone who is strong is confident and determined, and is not easily influenced or worried by other people.
He is sharp and manipulative with a strong personality...
It’s up to managers to be strong and do what they believe is right...

Strong objects or materials are not easily broken and can support a lot of weight or resist a lot of strain.
The vacuum flask has a strong casing, which won’t crack or chip...
Glue the mirror in with a strong adhesive...
The fence was very strongly built, with very large posts.
ADV: ADV -ed

A strong wind, current, or other force has a lot of power or speed, and can cause heavy things to move.
Strong winds and torrential rain combined to make conditions terrible for golfers in the Scottish Open...
A fairly strong current seemed to be moving the whole boat...
= powerful
The metal is strongly attracted to the surface.
ADV: ADV with v

A strong impression or influence has a great effect on someone.
We’re glad if our music makes a strong impression, even if it’s a negative one...
Teenage idols have a strong influence on our children...
He is strongly influenced by Spanish painters such as Goya and El Greco...
ADV: ADV with v

If you have strong opinions on something or express them using strong words, you have extreme or very definite opinions which you are willing to express or defend.
She is known to hold strong views on Cuba...
There has been strong criticism of the military regime...
It condemned in extremely strong language what it called Britain’s iniquitous campaign...
ADJ: usu ADJ n
Obviously you feel very strongly about this...
We are strongly opposed to the presence of America in this region...
ADV: usu ADV with v

If someone in authority takes strong action, they act firmly and severely.
The government has said it will take strong action against any further strikes...
ADJ: usu ADJ n

If there is a strong case or argument for something, it is supported by a lot of evidence.
The testimony presented offered a strong case for acquitting her on grounds of self-defense...
The evidence that such investment promotes growth is strong...
He argues strongly for retention of NATO as a guarantee of peace...
These are conditions said by doctors to be strongly indicative of heart failure.
ADV: ADV with v, ADV adj/adv

If there is a strong possibility or chance that something is true or will happen, it is very likely to be true or to happen.
There is a strong possibility that the cat contracted the condition by eating contaminated pet food.

Your strong points are your best qualities or talents, or the things you are good at.
Discretion is not Jeremy’s strong point...
Cynics argue that the EU is stronger on rhetoric than on concrete action.
ADJ: ADJ n, v-link ADJ on n

A strong competitor, candidate, or team is good or likely to succeed.
She was a strong contender for Britain’s Olympic team...
ADJ: usu ADJ n

If a relationship or link is strong, it is close and likely to last for a long time.
He felt he had a relationship strong enough to talk frankly to Sarah...
Delhi first began to develop strong ties with Moscow in the 1950s.

A strong currency, economy, or industry has a high value or is very successful.
The US dollar continued its strong performance in Tokyo today...
The local economy is strong and the population is growing...
= robust

If something is a strong element or part of something else, it is an important or large part of it.
We are especially encouraged by the strong representation, this year, of women in information technology disciplines...

You can use strong when you are saying how many people there are in a group. For example, if a group is twenty strong, there are twenty people in it.
Ukraine indicated that it would establish its own army, 400,000 strong.
...a 1,000-strong crowd.
ADJ: num ADJ

A strong drink, chemical, or drug contains a lot of the particular substance which makes it effective.
Strong coffee or tea late at night may cause sleeplessness...

A strong colour, flavour, smell, sound, or light is intense and easily noticed.
As she went past there was a gust of strong perfume...
The wine goes with strong and mild cheese alike.
He leaned over her, smelling strongly of sweat...
ADV: ADV with v

If someone has a strong accent, they speak in a distinctive way that shows very clearly what country or region they come from.
‘Good, Mr Ryle,’ he said in English with a strong French accent.
= pronounced

You can say that someone has strong features or a strong face if their face has large, distinctive features.
He had a strong Greek nose and olive-black eyes.

If someone or something is still going strong, they are still alive, in good condition, or popular after a long time. (INFORMAL)
The old machinery was still going strong.
PHRASE: v-link PHR

Merriam-Webster's Advanced Learner's Dictionary

Merriam-Webster's Advanced Learner's Dictionary: 


strong /ˈstrɑːŋ/ adj strong·er /ˈstrɑːŋgɚ/; strong·est /ˈstrɑːŋgəst/
1 : having great physical power and ability : having a lot of strength
• a big strong kid
• an athlete with strong muscles/legs
• He's as strong as an ox.
- opposite weak
2 : not easy to break or damage
• The table should be strong enough to survive the trip.
• The builder added supports to make the walls stronger.
3 : not sick or injured : healthy
• He'll return to work when he's feeling a little stronger.
4 : very noticeable
• He speaks with a strong accent.
• She has strong features like her father.
• He bears a strong resemblance to his father.
5 : having great power or force
• a strong breeze/wind
• a good strong kick
6 a : very powerful in action or effect
• Morphine is a strong drug.
• a strong detergent
• He needs strong glasses for reading.
b : having a powerful and sometimes unpleasant taste or smell
strong cheese
• The spices are too strong for me.
• a strong perfume
• A strong smell came from the basement.
7 : containing a large amount of an important ingredient (such as alcohol)
• I could use a strong drink.
• She drank nothing stronger than iced tea.
• a strong cup of coffee
8 : having a lot of power or influence
• a strong leader/government
9 : likely to persuade or convince people that something is true, real, correct, etc.
• He made a strong [=compelling, persuasive] argument/case for keeping the center open.
strong evidence
10 : very confident and able to deal with difficult situations
• a strong character/personality
• I don't think I'm strong enough to handle this by myself.
• Her spirit remained strong throughout her illness.
11 : felt, believed, or expressed in a very definite and powerful way
• an especially strong conviction/commitment
• She is a woman of strong and independent opinions.
• a strong desire/liking/hatred
• He has a strong sense of responsibility.
• I had a strong desire/temptation/urge to call him.
• He has a strong need for control.
• The proposal has faced strong opposition.
• He thanked them for their strong support.
12 : powerful and effective in supporting something, opposing something, etc.
• She is a strong advocate for child welfare.
• a strong opponent of the proposal
13 : well established and likely to continue
strong traditions
strong friendships/relationships/ties
14 : likely to succeed or to happen
• a strong candidate/contender
• There is a strong [=very good] possibility/chance that he will be promoted.
15 a : great in number
• There was a strong turnout for the election. [=a large number of people voted in the election]
- used to indicate the number of people in a large group
• The army was ten thousand strong. [=there were 10,000 soldiers in the army]
16 a : having a value that is great or that is increasing
• The dollar has been strong.
b : in a good financial condition : doing well
• The business remains strong despite the setbacks.
• The economy is strong.
17 : very forceful and sometimes obscene or offensive
• The movie contains some strong language. [=swearing]
18 : very bright
• She likes strong colors.
• a strong light
a bit strong Brit informal : unfair or too critical
• Weren't you a bit strong on him?
a strong stomach
- see 1stomach
come on strong
- see 1come
going strong : very active, healthy, or successful
• The company has been going strong for nearly a century.
• He's 92 years old and still going strong.
strong on
1 : very good at (something)
• She's strong on vocabulary but not grammar.
• The author is not strong on characterization.
2 : containing a lot of (something)
• The explanation was strong on detail.
- strong·ly /ˈstrɑːŋli/ adv [more ~; most ~]
• I feel very strongly about this.
• She spoke strongly against the idea.
• I strongly agree/disagree with her.
• I strongly advise you to see a doctor.
• The kitchen smelled strongly of baking.
strongly flavored
• a strongly worded letter of complaint

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