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nap [verb]

to sleep for a short time, especially during the day

US /næp/ 
UK /næp/ 

چرت‌ زدن‌


I tried to nap on the plane. 

سعی کردم داخل هواپیما چرت بزنم.

Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English

II. nap2 BrE AmE verb (past tense and past participle napped, present participle napping) [intransitive]
[Language: Old English; Origin: hnappian]
1. be caught napping informal to not be ready to deal with something when it happens, although you should be ready for it:
The German team were caught napping and Lampard scored the winning goal.
2. to sleep for a short time during the day

Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary

verb (-pp-) intransitive
to sleep for a short time, especially during the day
I tried to nap on the plane.
see catch sb napping at  catch 
Verb forms:
Word Origin:
n. sense 1 and v. Old English hnappian Germanic
n. sense 2 late Middle English noppe Middle Dutch Middle Low German noppe ‘nap’ noppen ‘trim the nap from’
n. sense 3 early 19th cent. napoleon
Example Bank:
During the flight you are advised to nap if possible.
• Studies show that napping at work can help keep you alert and refreshed.

• Try not to nap during the day.


Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary

Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary - 4th Edition

nap / næp / verb [ I ] ( -pp- )

to sleep for a short time, especially during the day:

He likes to nap for an hour when he gets home from work.

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Collins Advanced Learner’s English Dictionary


 naps, napping, napped
 1) N-COUNT If you have a nap, you have a short sleep, usually during the day.
  Use your lunch hour to have a nap in your chair...
  I might take a little nap.
 2) VERB If you nap, you sleep for a short period of time, usually during the day.
  An elderly person may nap during the day and then sleep only five hours a night.
 3) N-SING The nap of a carpet or of a cloth such as velvet is the top layer of short threads, which usually lie smoothly in one direction.
 4) PHRASE: V inflects If someone is caught napping, something happens when they are not prepared for it, although they should have been. [INFORMAL]
  The security services were clearly caught napping.

Merriam-Webster's Advanced Learner's Dictionary

2nap verb naps; napped; nap·ping [no obj]
1 : to sleep for a short period of time especially during the day
• He's napping [=dozing] on the couch.
2 : to be in a state in which you are not prepared to deal with something because you were not paying attention
• The goalie had to be napping when that ball got by him.
• When the problem appeared again, the government was caught napping. [=the government was not prepared to deal with it]