clear the air

اشتراک گذاری در شبکه های اجتماعی

clear the air [idiom]

discussing something to remove bad feelings and misunderstanding between people

صحبت کردن درباره ی چیزی برای از بین بردن سوء تفاهم و حس بد میان افراد

clear the air - برطرف کردن سوء تفاهم

برطرف کردن سوء تفاهم


He finally cleared the air by saying that she was late just because of traffic and she didn’t mean to disrespect the rules.

بالاخره سوء تفاهم رو برطرف کرد و گفت به دلیل ترافیک  دیر اومده و قصد بی احترامی به قوانین رو نداشته.

Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English

clear the air  

to do something to end an argument or bad situation, for example discuss a problem calmly

Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary

clear the air

C2 to remove the bad feelings between people:  
I had a massive argument with Sue, but at least it has cleared the air.

Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary - 4th Edition
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