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اشتراک گذاری در شبکه های اجتماعی

Let's write a sentence about this image:


nature alphabet


منتقل شده از کانال تلگرام سایت:

A: seyed abolhasan:
It's wonderful , our world is so pretty
Leila: These are magic alphabets
lovely master: god is in here:heart:

B: M.M:
Wherever there is "water",there is "beauty ",there is "motion",there is "life".
without "water", there is just an "O".
It is "WATER ",that can make the alphabet of world.

C: Abdoollah Khalili:
this photo is related my earth.

D: hosein:
Nature is the mother of language and letters are signs of it.

E: Zahra
Nature teaches you...

F: Radio Persian:
Perspective of the world

G: Sahar M:
look at the english alphabet table in the nature from satellite

H: ☞M.Álí.♬ッ
The shap of Alphabets in our planet

I: ⇨..ℳสみძịყξ..⇦
Alphabet in form of nature

J: √ahid :notes:
This is God's handwrite.

K: Christian Hamid:
There are a lot of words in the world. We should watch them clearly
I said
I wish it will be good for you:hibiscus::hibiscus::hibiscus:

L: Mêhran:
Your like me!
A wais human!
Life, a mircal in a universe!
A,B,C,........, X,Y,Z are mircale, too.
So, learn this type and creat a mircale life.
✍Mehran Milan
تو شبیه من هستی!
یک انسان خردمند!
زندگی، این معجزه عالم وجود.
همچنین معجزه اند.
پس بیا این حروف رو یاد بگیر و یک زندگی عالی بساز.

M: نارسیس

N: Ailin
The alphabet of nature

O: Behfar Og
the world has many beayutiful scenes

P: amir ba
Alphabet made universe

Q: Narges & Ali
This pecture's show letter.
Those are very attractive.:ok_hand:

R: e r
The Erth is alive yet.

S: Farhad
When nature want learn English

T: Pourya Xenun:zap:
:sunrise:On earth there is no heaven , but there are peaces of it

U: sadegh
God is great!

V: Saeed Vadi assalami
we humans are the only kind who can make of a meaningless view a meaningful one.

W: Mobeen
What water can do is, what we shall do, making life by grinding something tight

GOD might

Y: Saeedeh
God is omnipotent

Z: Leila
The language of the nature

Hi.I should correct my sentence:shall instead of sgall.

I think the most important subject of all pictures is exactly"the water" ,isn't it? But some people missed it!

Hi buddies
I read all of the sentences
I think two of them was better
!mine and Farhad
that's mean

S: Farhad
When nature want learn English
{of course I think "wants" is correct}

V: Saeed Vadi assalami
we humans are the only kind who can make of a meaningless view a meaningful one.

Pourya ,I think your purpose is pieces instead of peaces,yes?

We all from the earth,we all human,we all are brother and sister and life is flod in the earth...I kiss you all

سلام و عرض ادب به دوره زبان مبتدی روی کانال شما یا به طریق دیگر نیاز دارم خواهش دارم در اسرع وقت جواب بهم بدید .

This world and all of its creatures are wonderful because they have a wonderful god...yes god

Alphabet makes the universe
And universe made the
That is wonderful ,one create another and another
Create it