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US /welθ/ 
UK /welθ/ 

Oxford Essential Dictionary


 noun (no plural)
a lot of money, land, or property:
He is a man of great wealth.

>> wealthy adjective (wealthier, wealthiest)  same meaning rich:
a wealthy family

Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English


wealth W3 /welθ/ BrE AmE noun
[Date: 1200-1300; Origin: weal 'good condition of life, prosperity' (11-19 centuries), from Old English wela]
1. [uncountable] a large amount of money, property etc that a person or country owns:
The country’s wealth comes from its oil.
the distribution of wealth (=the way wealth is divided among the people of a country or society)
The purpose of industry is to create wealth.
2. a wealth of something a lot of something useful or good:
There is a wealth of information available about pregnancy and birth.

Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary




wealth   [welθ]    [welθ]  noun
1. uncountable a large amount of money, property, etc. that a person or country owns
a person of wealth and influence
• His personal wealth is estimated at around $100 million.

• the distribution of wealth in Britain

2. uncountable the state of being rich
• The purpose of industry is to create wealth.

• Good education often depends on wealth.

3. singular ~ of sth a large amount of sth
a wealth of information
The new manager brings a great wealth of experience to the job.
compare  richness  
Word Origin:
[wealth] Middle English welthe, from well  ‘good’ or weal ‘for the best of someone/something’, on the pattern of health.  
earn money/cash/(informal) a fortune
make money/a fortune/(informal) a killing on the stock market
acquire/inherit/amass wealth/a fortune
build up funds/savings
get/receive/leave (sb) an inheritance/a legacy
live on a low wage/a fixed income/a pension
get/receive/draw/collect a pension
depend/be dependent on (BrE) benefits/(NAmE) welfare/social security
spend money/your savings/(informal) a fortune on…
invest/put your savings in…
throw away/waste/ (informal) shell out money on…
lose your money/inheritance/pension
use up/ (informal) wipe out all your savings
pay (in) cash
use/pay by a credit/debit card
pay by/make out a/write sb a/accept a (BrE) cheque/(US) check
change/exchange money/currency (BrE) traveller's cheques/(US) traveler's checks
give/pay/leave (sb) a deposit
have/hold/open/close/freeze a bank account/an account
credit/debit/pay sth into/take money out of your account
deposit money/funds in your account
withdraw money/cash/£30 from an ATM, etc.
(formal) make a deposit/withdrawal
find/go to/use (especially NAmE) an ATM/(BrE) a cash machine/dispenser
be in credit/in debit/in the black/in the red/overdrawn
Personal finance
manage/handle/plan/run/ (especially BrE) sort out your finances
plan/manage/work out/stick to a budget
offer/extend credit (to sb)
arrange/take out a loan/an overdraft
pay back/repay money/a loan/a debt
pay for sth in (especially BrE) instalments/(NAmE usually) installments
Financial difficulties
get into debt/financial difficulties
be short of/ (informal) be strapped for cash
run out of/owe money
face/get/ (informal) be landed with a bill for £…
can't afford the cost of…/payments/rent
fall behind with/ (especially NAmE) fall behind on the mortgage/repayments/rent
incur/run up/accumulate debts
tackle/reduce/settle your debts 
Example Bank:
He has no family with whom he can share his wealth.
He lost his wealth through poor investment.
He's never flaunted his wealth.
It is a country of fabulous wealth.
Rising employment and household wealth are bolstering spending.
She enjoys enormous wealth and material pleasures.
She is a woman of untold wealth.
She wants to protect their new-found wealth.
Switzerland has an enormous wealth of beautiful old buildings.
The average family increased its net wealth by 50% between 1989 and 2001.
The country's strong economy was built on its mineral wealth.
The region possesses a vast natural wealth, particularly of timber.
The website provides a wealth of information.
This chapter contains a wealth of information in a very concise form.
a redistribution of wealth through taxation
a tax on inherited wealth
the accumulated wealth from his business
the great oil wealth of the region
the kind of capital that generates new wealth
the pursuit of instant wealth
the relative wealth of the nation
the total wealth of the global economy
She called for a redistribution of wealth and power in society.
• There will undoubtedly be new taxes on corporate wealth.

• a woman of wealth and influence

Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary

Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary - 4th Edition

wealth / welθ / noun [ U ] (MONEY)

B2 a large amount of money or valuable possessions that someone has:

During a successful business career, she accumulated a great amount of wealth.

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Collins Advanced Learner’s English Dictionary


 1) N-UNCOUNT Wealth is the possession of a large amount of money, property, or other valuable things. You can also refer to a particular person's money or property as their wealth.
  Economic reform has brought relative wealth to peasant farmers...
  His own wealth grew.
 2) N-SING: a N of n (emphasis) If you say that someone or something has a wealth of good qualities or things, you are emphasizing that they have a very large number or amount of them. [FORMAL]
  ...such a wealth of creative expertise...
  The city boasts a wealth of beautiful churches.

Merriam-Webster's Advanced Learner's Dictionary



wealth /ˈwɛlɵ/ noun
1 [noncount]
a : a large amount of money and possessions
• a nation/family that has acquired great wealth
• someone whose sole goal is the accumulation of wealth
b : the value of all the property, possessions, and money that someone or something has
• Her personal wealth is estimated to be around $10 billion.
• What percentage of the national wealth is spent on health care?
2 [singular] : a large amount or number
• I was impressed by the wealth of choices.
• Libraries offer a wealth of information.
share/spread the wealth : to share your money, goods, etc., with other people
• If your garden is overflowing, be a good neighbor and spread the wealth. [=give some of what is growing in your garden to neighbors]

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