the biter bit

اشتراک گذاری در شبکه های اجتماعی

Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary

the biter bitten (or bit)


  • Used to indicate that someone is being treated in the same way that they have treated others, typically badly.

    ‘now the cruel biter was being cruelly bitten’

  • ‘It's the old tale of the biter bit: Jarrett finds he doesn't hold all the cards, and Raja exacts revenge for being made to look like Liberace.’
  • ‘Just twelve months later, he almost repeated the trick, taking Luton back to the final, though this time it was a case of the biter bit as, after leading 1 -, they finally succumbed 3-1 to Cloughie's Nottingham Forest.’
  • ‘Arsenal, by the way, look like a case now of the biter bit.’
  • ‘So the irony is delightful, a case of the biter bit, sort of, except that it is the NSW taxpayers that will have been bitten in the end if this judgement is upheld in any appeal.’
  • ‘I do enjoy reading Guido's blog, it's fun, but this case of the biter bit was just too tempting to ignore.’

Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary

the biter (is) bit  (British old-fashioned)
someone who has caused harm to other people in the past has now been hurt It's a case of the biter bit.

Example: After years of breaking girls' hearts, he finally fell for someone who didn't love him.