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US /səˈraʊnd/ 
UK /səˈraʊnd/ 

Oxford Essential Dictionary


 verb (surrounds, surrounding, surrounded)
to be or go all around something:
The lake is surrounded by trees.

Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English


I. surround1 W2 /səˈraʊnd/ BrE AmE verb [transitive]
[Word Family: noun: surroundings, surround; verb: surround; adjective: surrounding]
[Date: 1400-1500; Language: Old French; Origin: suronder 'to overflow, flood', from Late Latin superundare, from Latin unda 'wave']
1. [usually passive] to be all around someone or something on every side
be surrounded by something
The field was surrounded by trees.
He glared at the people who surrounded the tent.
2. be surrounded by somebody/something to have a lot of a particular type of people or things near you:
He’s always been surrounded by people who adore him.
3. if police or soldiers surround a place, they arrange themselves in positions all the way around it:
Armed police surrounded a house in the High Street.
4. to be closely related to a situation or event:
Some of the issues surrounding alcohol abuse are very complex.
Silence and secrecy surround the murder.
5. surround yourself with somebody/something to choose to have certain people or things near you all the time:
The designer surrounded himself with exquisite objects.

Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary




sur·round [surround surrounds surrounded surrounding] verb, noun   [səˈraʊnd]    [səˈraʊnd] 


1. to be all around sth/sb
~ sth/sb Tall trees surround the lake.
the membranes surrounding the brain
• As a child I was surrounded by love and kindness.

~ sth/sb with sth The lake is surrounded with/by trees.

2. to move into position all around sb/sth, especially so as to prevent them from escaping; to move sb/sth into position in this way
~ sb/sth Police surrounded the building.

~ sb/sth with sb/sth They've surrounded the building with police.

3. ~ sth/sb to be closely connected with sth/sb

• publicity surrounding the divorce

4. ~ yourself with sb/sth to choose to have particular people or things near you all the time
I like to surround myself with beautiful things.
Verb forms:

Word Origin:
late Middle English (in the sense ‘overflow’): from Old French souronder, from late Latin superundare, from super- ‘over’ + undare ‘to flow’ (from unda ‘a wave’); later associated with round. The current noun sense dates from the late 19th cent.  
Example Bank:
Will found himself immediately surrounded by screaming fans.
the immediately surrounding area
He has now surrounded his house with barbed wire.
On one occasion, armed guerrillas surrounded their jeep.
• The lake is surrounded with/by trees.

• Troops fanned out to surround the camp.


Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary

Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary - 4th Edition

surround / səˈraʊnd / verb [ T ]

B1 to be everywhere around something:

Snow-capped mountains surround the city.

Gwen sat at her desk, surrounded by books and papers.

Mystery still surrounds the exact circumstances of Stalin's death.

She said that she wanted to die surrounded by the people she loves (= with them all present) .

Early this morning, armed police surrounded (= moved into a position so that they were everywhere around) a house which they thought contained an escaped prisoner.


surrounding / -ˈraʊn.dɪŋ / adjective [ before noun ]


A lot of the children at the school do not live in the town, but come in from the surrounding countryside.

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Collins Advanced Learner’s English Dictionary


 surrounds, surrounding, surrounded

 1) VERB If a person or thing is surrounded by something, that thing is situated all around them.
  [be V-ed] The small churchyard was surrounded by a rusted wrought-iron fence...
  [V n] The shell surrounding the egg has many important functions.
  [V-ing] ...the snipers and artillerymen in the surrounding hills.
 2) VERB If you are surrounded by soldiers or police, they spread out so that they are in positions all the way around you.
  [be V-ed] When the car stopped in the town square it was surrounded by soldiers and militiamen...
  [V-ed] He tried to run away but gave up when he found himself surrounded...
  [V n] Shooting broke out after the guards surrounded a villa in the city.
 3) VERB The circumstances, feelings, or ideas which surround something are those that are closely associated with it.
  [V n] The decision had been agreed in principle before today's meeting, but some controversy surrounded it...
  [V n] Once the euphoria surrounding this victory subsides, reality must return.
 4) VERB If you surround yourself with certain people or things, you make sure that you have a lot of them near you all the time.
  [V n with/by n] He had made it his business to surround himself with a hand-picked group of bright young officers...
  [V n with/by n] They love being surrounded by familiar possessions.
 5) N-COUNT The surround of something such as a fireplace is the border, wall, or shelves around it. [mainly BRIT]
  ...a small fireplace with a cast-iron surround.
 6) N-PLURAL Your surrounds are your surroundings.
  The entire team enjoyed hot showers in the spacious surrounds of a new, modern village hall.

Merriam-Webster's Advanced Learner's Dictionary

1sur·round /səˈraʊnd/ verb -rounds; -round·ed; -round·ing [+ obj]
1 : to be on every side of (someone or something)
• A wall surrounds the old city.
- often used as (be) surrounded
• The lake is surrounded by cottages.
2 : to move close to (someone or something) on all sides often in order to stop a person from escaping
• Police surrounded the house.
• They had the suspect surrounded.
• She was suddenly surrounded by a crowd of excited fans.
3 : to be closely related or connected to (something)
• There's a lot of uncertainty surrounding the decision.
• His departure was surrounded by secrecy.
4 of a family, group, etc. : to always be near (someone) - often + with
• Her family surrounded her with love and attention. [=her family gave her a lot of love and attention]
- often used as (be) surrounded
• As a child she was surrounded by her large, loving family.
surround yourself with (someone or something) : to cause (certain types of people or things) to be near you
• He surrounds himself with very talented people.
• They surround themselves with luxuries. [=they have many luxuries]