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How Different are British and American English?

How Different are British and American English?

English as the international language in the entire world has some varieties such as Australian, Canadian. New Zealand, British and American English. Among all, the last two ones are considered to be the most prestigious varieties of the English language. It should be pointed out that all of the English varieties spoken throughout the world are just slightly different from each other.

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Why Are Iranians Not Successful Enough in Learning English?

کتاب زبان انگلیسی - English Books

No matter how hard it is tried or pretended to try to improve the quality of learning and/or teaching English in Iran, realistically we are not even close to an ideal status in this task. It should be noted that we have made some improvement in this regard; however, it is by no means, sufficient. If we look at this issue pathologically, some of the major obstacles to this process would come into view.

Writing a CV/résumé

نحوۀ نوشتن رزومه یا CV به زبان انگلیسی به همراه نمونه

Before beginning to draft your CV/résumé, read the advert carefully so that you are clear about the specific requirements of the job you’re applying for. It’s important to tailor both your application letter and the CV/résumé to the job in question, focusing on qualifications and experience that are particularly relevant.

Dos and Don’ts

Here are some general points to bear in mind when preparing your CV/résumé:



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