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What’s LanguageTies.com all about?

We are living in a specific era in which establishing and facilitating communication among all nations seem to be of primary importance. In so doing, learning a foreign language, particularly English as a bridge among different nations, can prove to be really helpful. With this intention in mind, langaugeties.com is fully committed to providing ample opportunities for its users to gain invaluable experience in improving their English like never before.

First and foremost, LanguageTies.com, as its name indicates, forges strong links among numerous English contents, such as vocabulary, grammar points, idioms, collocations, etc. from various English resources, namely well-known novels, movies, lyrics, coursebooks, people, places and so on. It is firmly believed that with the help of our exceptional and unprecedented services, you can possess ideal mastery of English, particularly in terms of enriching your vocabulary.

What’s more, our professional staff consisting of MA/PhD holders, university professors, researchers, theoreticians and academicians in the field of ‘English as a Second/Foreign Language (ESL/EFL)’ make a concerted effort to keep you posted on the latest information about global and local language institutions, including prestigious universities, language institutes, etc. together with their academic staff in an attempt to establish a worldwide English teachers agency.

LanguageTies.com acts like an educational software. We are not an educational institute, but rather a link between language learners, language schools, and all legal entities concerned with English. After creating an account in LanguageTies.com, language schools, translation offices, universities etc. can create a page to introduce themselves or to make known events like conferences, workshops, or even their classes on the website for free.  LanguageTies team are writing and preparing a complete collection of idioms, words, proverbs, grammar lessons, tests, language learning and teaching articles for learners and teachers, topic discussion questions, and educational podcasts all of which will gradually be at learners’ and ELT community’s disposal free of charge.  All website pages including articles, events, weblogs, forums, and list of language schools are accessible both in English and Persian through the flag on top of each page. But proverbs and idioms are only accessible in English, the Persian equivalent and meaning of which is found on the same English page. 

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