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The contents of this Agreement belong to “” and all publication rights are reserved by “”.

The following rules and regulations concern the membership and operation of the website. Registration in the site implies full knowledge and acceptance of the terms of the agreement.
“” may modify any part of this agreement at any time. The agreement is always available on the site. Whenever you didn’t agree with any of the terms and conditions, you might cancel your membership. The agreement entitled "Terms of service" can be found throughout the site at the bottom of every page.

Forum Guidelines, terms and conditions

Please keep in mind that this is a public forum and everybody who has access to the web can read what you have written or sent. In addition search, engines like Google have access to the posts. Hence, you must not post anything that you do not like other people to view or read.

By having any activity on this site you agree to the following basic terms and conditions. Please go over them carefully before deciding to continue:

1) You confirm that you are 13 years old or above. Anyone below 13 years old needs a full release form from their parents before starting to post anything. This policy is in line with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act of 2000 (COPPA). 
2) You are free to express your ideas and beliefs provided that they are not offensive or intentionally spiteful. The moderators retain the right to remove sexist, racist, politically or religiously provocative ideas immediately and without asking for the users’ opinions. 
3) Please respect the system, moderators, and the other users. If, for example, you do not agree with a posted opinion and want to reply, do it in a civilized and respectful manner, remember to express your ideas with discretion.
4) Since we are attempting to keep the forum a suitable place for younger users, avoid rude language and blasphemy and do your best not to include personal enmity into your posts.
5) or its members are not responsible for anything stated within the forums.
6) You should keep the posts relevant to the thread you are in. If you want to raise a new issue, please post a new thread in the proper forum. 
7) Any section on the forum is monitored for language which may sound indecent and for commercialized promotional posts.
8) Please keep all posts, comments, pictures and notices in English. Also don’t forget that there are users from all over the world who read and write with English as a second language. Therefore, you should keep your postings short and sweet. This way your ideas are clearly easy to follow.
9) Sexist language or behavior of any kind is forbidden. Any attempt to approach for love which may lead to distress and disturbance is prohibited.
10) Provocative, disrespectful, impolite, or generally confusing nicknames (e.g. “ADMIN”) will be deleted. In addition, usernames must not include letters other than the English alphabet. Moreover, you must only enter with one username as having multiple nicks can lead to confusion and other members may feel deceived.
11) Advertisements in any way are not allowed within the forums.  . We remove your nick, should the username you have used insinuate an obvious promotion of a domain or product,    the moderators who will decide what constitutes an advertisement. 
12) Moderators will do their best to respect your privacy as well as the posts you have made. We will not edit or misrepresent your posts without acceptable reasons. However, you should not add personal details such as email addresses, names you use in social networks, phone numbers, etc. in your posts. Such information will be deleted for the sake of your protection. 13) Please try to upload socially appropriate avatars or pictures without nudity and those which do not stimulate political or religious misunderstandings. Moderators will decide on whether the avatars or pictures are appropriate or they should be removed. If members request, or we have a hunch that you might not be representing yourself correctly with the photo you have uploaded, we may at any point require that you follow the following instructions to make sure that you are not representing someone else:
- take a photo of yourself holding a sheet of paper saying “Languageties”;
- send the photo to us
If you refuse to do so, the picture will probably be removed. 
To avoid this, if you are not using your own photo, please mention it in the description of the photo.
14) Respect the copyrighted material by referencing and/or citing the respective author(s) or the content will be removed. Direct links for any kind of downloading or links that allow illegal downloading of copyrighted materials are not allowed in the forums.

15) These types of posts will most probably be removed:
a. Unspecified posts with advertising, personal information or links to other sites. 
b. Posts containing offences, racist comments, solicitation, virus infections or other unpleasant things.
c. Repetitive posts, or those which contain only quotes from a previous post.
d. Posts which are not relevant to the topic.
e. Insignificant posts with little or no content, for example those with only emoticons or email addresses.
f. Linguistically poor posts which ignore issues of capitalization and punctuation, and those with overuse of the leet alphabet (example: what r u doing?).
g. Offensive comments about other members’ use of English language.

16) It will be really helpful if you comply with the following:
a. Please don't use instant messaging language such as "r" or "u" in your posts. Remember that you are the one who should take the initiative to improve your English. Unless you begin to use English properly, we will not be able to help you.   
b. Please Post the same question only ONCE and patiently wait for a response to your language problems and questions. The teachers in the site are volunteers and we ask you to respect their time. 
c. When quoting a prior post, separate your question from the quote. You can do so by highlighting the question.
d. It is vitally important to provide context for your questions. Remember that it is extremely difficult to provide true answers to your questions if they are presented out of context.
e. Limit your use of excessively huge fonts. In addition watch for cut and pastes. Use the “paste from Word” button in the post editor to paste text from Word into your post.
f. Remember that "Please" and "thank you" are welcomed by most people around the world.

Any content that has been placed on the site may be edited by the site administration. In addition, a user's account may be ceased at any time if decided by the site Administration. Moreover, the terms and conditions may be modified from time to time with no prior notice.