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With enhancing interaction among language learners and teachers at the top of its agenda, LanguageTies has provided all its users with a free access to chat software. This software is compatible with all modern browsers and could be easily used on cell phone and tablet. Through the public chat room, you can be in contact with other learners and teachers online.

  • Since access to chat room is open to all, please observe guidelines for polite behavior otherwise your IP or account would be closed.
  • Access to public chat room is open to the site members. (Join now! It's free.)
  • The site’s chat room is merely designed to help you improve your English; so you must use it for this purpose only. Otherwise the moderators will warn you and in case you do it again, they might limit your access to the chat room and site by closing your IP.   
  • Site’s teachers usually visit chat rooms several times during the day to lend a helping hand to you.
  • The chat software will be loaded at the bottom of every page of the site.
  • If you have any suggestions for improving the chat rooms, we would be happy to hear them.

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