Privacy Policy

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Information Collection

Members should not post on the web any information that they think is secret. “” does not accept responsibility for misuse of this kind of information.

Any of your profile information except for the email address and your password is visible to the public and available to search engines. We will not disclose your email address to any person, group, or company.

Member information, other than the part normally visible to the application site, is kept confidential.

Under no circumstances does “” hold the responsibility for any damage caused by the members’ trust to other users and the concomitant disclosure of private information. Moreover “” is not responsible for the loss of information posted on this site.

Members will be responsible for keeping their password and under no circumstances will “” request their password. If you have forgotten your password, you may request that via the link 'Request new password'. Site administrators will never send this information manually.

Intellectual Property Rights

The content of this site may not be used anywhere else. Particularly, personal information, photos and texts posted by members are not to be used anywhere else rather than “”.

All software contents, innovations and designs in the site are owned by “” and all rights are reserved.

“” might use the content posted on the site in any way in case it is not legally owned by other people or organizations (for example selectively show the content elsewhere in the site).

Users will be held responsible for posting content with intellectual property rights owned by others (personal or legal) without permission.

It is forbidden to use “” for commercial purposes, advertising, marketing and the like. For information on how to advertise on this website, you can contact us.