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آرتین کارابیدیان - Artin Karabidian
آزاده درزی


Translator, Author
Elham Jamali Pouya

Elham Jamali Pooya was born in April, 1982. She was interested in English since she was 15. So, she decided to learn English at Azadi Language Institute and learnt it up to F.C.E. and TOEFL level. She is graduated in English Translation Course at Payam-e-Noor University, Tehran, in 1388. She has started to teach English since 1384. Head of Kourosh Translation Office, translating two books of "Organization & Organizing" and "Reward Management", editing two other books "Outsourcing Process" and "Management Theories – M.A." are of her activities. She started learning Music and playing the piano in 1383; she is piano instructor, at music institutes and privately, for 7 years. By the recent two years, she started to learn German and now she is at B2 level. She enjoys cooking very much and cooks rather professionally.


CEO, IELTS Teacher
جعفر کیانپور

Jafar Kianpour is an MA holder of TEFL. He has been teaching English for 15 years in various language institutes, companies and a university in Tehran, Iran. He is fond of using technology in his classes and likes surfing, joining online English communities and designing educational websites. Jafar created his first ELT website back in 2006 using joomla. A year later he discovered the great power of drupal and started learning and using this amazing content management framework (CMF). is the outcome of his web design knowledge tied up with ELT.

Among Jafar's other interests are hiking, playing badminton, photography and playing the santour.


Chief Learning Officer (CLO)
 Reza Vahdani

Dr. Reza Vahdani is currently a freelance translator and languahe learning cosultant. He has been teaching English since he was 19 years of age at different English language institutes. All these years, he has been teaching his students different courses ranging from elementary courses to advanced levels, including FCE, CAE, CPE, IELTS and TOEFL. Upon his completion of the MA degree, he moved to a higher level of teaching English and started teaching different general subjects as well as some Methodology, reserach and testing courses at the university level. He got his PhD in 2012. He was born in 1968.


سیما ناسوتی - sima nasooti


Opinion Developer
Alireza Ameri - دکتر علیرضا عامری

Alireza Ameri is a published poet, translator, interpreter, lexicographer, art enthusiast, creative ELT educator, applied linguist, university assistant professor (IAU), opinion developer, inter/trans-disciplinary thinker, word coiner and tag liner. He has invariably thought of merging art, education politics, ethics, mythology, chaos, and language into novel conglomerations. He has also touched upon a kaleidoscope of issues from hegemony to edutainment.


IELTS Teacher
Fatemeh Vahidfar

Fatemeh Vahidfar is an MA holder of TEFL. She has been teaching English for about 10 years in various language institutes, companies.  All these years, she has been teaching her students different courses ranging from elementary courses to advanced levels. She has attended and presented at a number of international conferences in and out of Iran. Her interests are reading books, walking, swimming and watching Friends series.

Fatemeh Karimi - فاطمه کریمی

Fatemeh Karimi was born on 19th of September, 1983 in Masjedsoleyman, Iran. She was interested in painting during childhood and has seriously started painting since 1998. She studied painting at university and graduated in 2011. After getting married in 2009, she started teaching modern painting. Fatemeh started her M.A. studies in 1392.


Mojtaba Mohammadi

Mojtaba Mohammadi is currently the Dean of faculty of Persian Literature and Foreign Languages in IAU Roudehen branch in Tehran, Iran. He has been teaching English for more than 20 years in English language Institutes and universities. He has attended and presented at a number of international conferences and has published research papers in scholarly journals in the field in and out of Iran. His areas of interest include learners' and teachers' beliefs and autonomy, CALL, and writing skill.

Teacher, Content Writer
محسن موغاری

Mohsen Moghari has an M.A. in ELT. He has been teaching English professionally at different English language institutes since he was 20 years old. He absolutely adores English. He has been running various classes, from elementary to advanced levels, on general English as well as IELTS. What he is most obsessed with is teaching natural English phrases and expressions in order to promote English learners' speaking and writing skills. He is also interested in simultaneous interpretation and has some experience in this field.

In addition to teaching English, Mohsen has experience doing martial arts such as kung fu, judo, self-defense, and taekwondo. He is currently spending some time practicing and teaching taekwondo.


Teacher, Content producer
کیان عباسی - Kian Abbasi

Kian Abbasi was born in 1977. She went to Allameh Tabataba'i University and studied English Literature. She has been teaching English in various institutes like Kish, SIP, kordasti and safir since 1999.  She has also been involved in translation activities ans has worked for Memari-e-Mohavate Magazine and Slamat website as a translator.