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A friend who shares is a friend who cares

معنای کلمه به کلمه: 
<p>دوستی که با تو چیزی را سهیم شود دوستی است که به تو اهمیت می دهد.</p>

A real friend willingly shares whatever he/she has.

یک دوست واقعی به خواست خودش هر چه دارد با تو قسمت می کند.


I had no idea where to stay during the summer. You kindly accommodated her. I have to say that a friend who shares is a friend who cares.


  1. What comes to your mind when you hear the word happiness? What is happiness for you?
  2. Are you a happy person?
  3. Do you think happiness comes from inside or it depends on other people and things?
  4. When did you last feel very happy? What happened?
  5. How do you show your happiness? Do you share it with others or keep it private?
  6. Who are happier, single people or married ones? Why?
  7. What makes you unhappy?
  8. Which country has the happiest people in the world? Which has the saddest? Why is it so?


  1. When did you learn to use a computer first? Do you know a lot about computers?
  2. Do you have a personal computer or do you share one with your family? Can your parents use a computer?
  3. What do you do with a computer? How did you learn these skills? Which software can you work with?
  4. How often do you use a computer? Do you use it for work or entertainment?
  5. Do you spend more time with your computer or with your friends and family? Do you think computers waste too much of your time?
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