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US /ˈmɪr.ɚ/ 
UK /ˈmɪr.ər/ 

A piece of glass with a shiny, metal-covered back that reflects light, producing an image of whatever is in front of it

Persian equivalent: 



I stood in front of the mirror and combed my hair.

جلو آينه‌ ايستادم‌ و سرم‌ را شانه‌ كردم‌.

Oxford Essential Dictionary


a piece of special glass where you can see yourself:
Look in the mirror.

Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English


Mirror, The
  another name for the The Daily Mirror


I.   noun

I. mirror1 S3 W3 /ˈmɪrə $ -ər/ noun [countable]
 [Date: 1200-1300; Language: Old French; Origin: mirour, from mirer 'to look at', from Latin mirare]
 1. a piece of special glass that you can look at and see yourself in
  in a mirror
   • She was studying her reflection in the mirror.
   • He spends hours in front of the mirror!
   • When I looked in the mirror I couldn’t believe it. I looked fantastic!
   a mirror on the inside or side of a vehicle, which the driver uses to see what is behind:
   • Check your rear-view mirror before you drive away.
   • a wing mirror
 3. a mirror of something something that gives a clear idea of what something else is like SYN reflection:
   • We believe the polls are an accurate mirror of public opinion.

Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary


mir·ror [mirror mirrors mirrored mirroring] noun, verb   [ˈmɪrə(r)]    [ˈmɪrər]


1. countable a piece of special flat glass that reflects images, so that you can see yourself when you look in it

• He looked at himself in the mirror.

• a rear-view mirror (= in a car, so that the driver can see what is behind)

• (BrE) a wing mirror (= on the side of a car)

• (NAmE) a side-view mirror

2. a ~ of sth singular something that shows what sth else is like

• The face is the mirror of the soul.

• Dickens' novels are a mirror of his times.


Word Origin:

Middle English: from Old French mirour, based on Latin mirare ‘look at’. Early senses also included ‘a crystal used in magic’ and ‘a person deserving imitation’.


Example Bank:

• Art can be seen as a mirror image of society.

• He was busy admiring himself in the mirror.

• He watched them through a two-way mirror.

• She stared at her face in the mirror.

• We hung a mirror over the fireplace.

• a large mirror hanging on the wall behind him

Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary

Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary - 4th Edition

mirror / ˈmɪr.ə r /   / -ɚ / noun [ C ] (GLASS)

A2 a piece of glass with a shiny, metal-covered back that reflects light, producing an image of whatever is in front of it:

the bathroom mirror

She was looking at her reflection in the mirror.

mirror / ˈmɪr.ə r /   / -ɚ / noun (REPRESENT)

be a mirror of sth to represent or show something honestly:

The movie is a mirror of daily life in wartime Britain.

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Collins COBUILD Advanced Learner’s English Dictionary


(mirrors, mirroring, mirrored)

Frequency: The word is one of the 3000 most common words in English.

A mirror is a flat piece of glass which reflects light, so that when you look at it you can see yourself reflected in it.
He absent-mindedly looked at himself in the mirror...
...a mirrored ceiling.

If something mirrors something else, it has similar features to it, and therefore seems like a copy or representation of it.
The book inevitably mirrors my own interests and experiences...
= reflect

If you see something reflected in water, you can say that the water mirrors it. (LITERARY)
...the sudden glitter where a newly-flooded field mirrors the sky...
= reflect

Merriam-Webster's Advanced Learner's Dictionary

Merriam-Webster's Advanced Learner's Dictionary: 

1mir·ror /ˈmirɚ/ noun, pl -rors [count]
1 : a piece of glass that reflects images
• She saw her reflection in the mirror. = She looked at herself in the mirror.
• a bathroom mirror
- see pictures at bathroom, car; see also rearview mirror
2 : something that shows what another thing is like in a very clear and accurate way - usually singular
• Her art is a mirror of modern American culture.

- see also smoke and mirrors
- mir·rored /ˈmirɚd/ adj
• a mirrored wall [=a wall that has a mirror or mirrors on it]
mirrored glass


  1. When was the last time you looked in the mirror? How would you describe what you saw in a word?
  2. Are you happy with your appearance?
  3. When was the last time you thought you needed some serious changes in your appearance?
  4. Do you often go for big changes in your appearance or do you prefer to be normal and do as usual?
  5. To what extent are you happy with your look? Are there any parts, you wish, were different?
  6. Who is your ideal actor/actress as far as his/her appearance is concerned? Would you like to change your body with him/her?
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