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US /deɪt/ 
UK /deɪt/ 

a) an occasion when you go out with someone that you like in a romantic way date with
b) American English someone that you have a date with

Persian equivalent: 

وعده‌ى ملاقات‌ (به‌ ويژه‌ با فردى از جنس‌ مخالف‌)، رانده‌ وو، وعده‌، قرار، (پسر يا دختر) طرف‌ ملاقات‌، دوست‌ پسر، دوست دختر، طرف‌


He has never been out on a date with a girl.

a particular day of the month or year, especially shown by a number

Persian equivalent: 

تاریخ، زمان وقوع


do you remember the date of her arrival?


آيا تاريخ‌ ورود او را به‌ ياد دارى؟

a sweet sticky brown fruit that grows on a tree called a date palm, common in N Africa and W Asia

Persian equivalent: 



Zahedi is a kind of dried date that grows in Fars and Khozestan provinces in Iran.

زاهدی نوعی خرمای خشک است که در استان های فارس و خوزستان در ایران رشد میکند. 

Oxford Essential Dictionary



1 the number of the day, the month and sometimes the year:
'What's the date today?' 'The first of February.'
Today's date is 11 December 2004.
What is your date of birth?
Look at Study Page S8.

2 a romantic meeting when two people go out somewhere:
He's asked her out on a date.

3 a small sweet brown fruit that comes from a tree which grows in hot countries

out of date
1 not modern:
The machinery they use is completely out of date.

2 too old, so that you cannot use it:
This ticket is out of date.

up to date
1 modern:
The new kitchen will be right up to date, with all the latest gadgets.

2 with the newest information:
Is this list of names up to date?

Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English


I. date1 S1 W1 /deɪt/ noun [countable]
[Word Family: verb: date, predate; adjective: dated, outdated; noun: date]
[Sense 1-5: Date: 1300-1400; Language: French; Origin: Late Latin data, from the past participle of Latin dare 'to give']
[Sense 6: Date: 1200-1300; Language: Old French; Origin: Greek daktylos 'finger']
1. DAY a particular day of the month or year, especially shown by a number:
The date on the letter was 30th August 1962.
What’s today’s date?
date of
What’s the date of the next meeting?
You should apply at least 8 weeks before your date of departure.
date for
Have you set a date for the wedding yet?
2. at a later/future date formal at some time in the future SYN later:
The details will be agreed at a later date.
3. to date up to now:
The cost of the work to date has been about £150 million.
Her best performance to date was her third place at the World Junior Championships.
a) an occasion when you go out with someone that you like in a romantic way
date with
I’ve got a date with Andrea tomorrow night.
I felt like a teenager going out on a first date. ⇒ blind date
b) American English someone that you have a date with
sb’s date
Can I bring my date to the party?
5. ARRANGEMENT TO MEET SOMEBODY a time arranged to meet someone, especially socially:
Let’s make a date to come over and visit.
6. FRUIT a sweet sticky brown fruit with a long hard seed inside
⇒ closing date, ⇒ expiry date at expiry(2), ⇒ out-of-date, sell-by date, up-to-date



the exact/precise date I can’t remember the exact date we moved into this house.
the agreed date British English, agreed upon date American English (=one that people have agreed on) The work was not finished by the agreed date.
the closing date (=the last day you can officially do something) The closing date for applications is April 30th.
the due date (=the date by which something is due to happen) Payment must be made by the due date.
the delivery date (=a date on which goods will be delivered) The delivery date should be around 23rd August.
the publication date (=the date when something is published) We are aiming at a publication date of mid-November.
the departure date (=the date when someone leaves) My departure date was only a few days away.
the expiry date British English, expiration date American English (=a date on a product after which it cannot be used) Check the expiry date on your credit card.
the sell-by date British English (=a date on a food product after which it should not be sold) Those yoghurts are a week past their sell-by date.


decide on a date (=choose the date when something will happen) Have you decided on a date for the wedding yet?
set/fix a date (=decide the date when something will happen) They haven’t set a date for the election yet.


today’s date Don’t forget to put today’s date at the top of the letter.
sb’s date of birth (also sb’s birth date) (=the day and year when someone was born) What’s your date of birth?
the date of publication/issue/departure etc formal The insurance will only cover costs incurred on or after the date of departure.

meeting an occasion when people meet in order to discuss something: a business meeting. | Mr Bell is in a meeting. | The committee will hold another meeting Wednesday.
conference an organized event, especially one that continues for several days, at which a lot of people meet to discuss a particular subject and hear speeches about it: Didn’t you give a talk at the conference last year? | a conference of women business leaders
convention a large formal meeting of people who belong to a political party, or to an organization of people with the same interests: the Democratic Party Convention | a convention for Star Trek fans
rally a large public meeting, especially one that is held outdoors to support or protest about something: There was a massive peace rally in London.
summit a meeting between government leaders from important and powerful countries, to discuss important matters: A summit meeting of OPEC leaders was called to find a solution to the oil crisis. | next week’s economic summit
caucus American English a local meeting of the members of a political party to choose people to represent them at a larger meeting, or to choose a candidate in an election: Obama won the Iowa caucus in 2007.
teleconference/video conference a business meeting in which people in different places talk to each other using telephones or video equipment: The chairman held teleconferences with his senior managers.
gathering/get-together a situation in which a group of people come together to meet, talk, and have drinks with each other, especially friends or family: We held a small family get-together to celebrate her birthday. | She arranged social gatherings in Kettering for young people on Saturday evenings.
date an arrangement to meet someone who you are having, or hoping to have, a romantic relationship with: I think I might ask her out on a date.
rendezvous a meeting where two people have arranged to meet at a particular time or place, often secretly: She arranged a rendezvous with him in the hotel bar.
tryst literary a secret meeting between people who are having a romantic relationship: a good place for a moonlight tryst

Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary


▪ I. date [date dates dated dating] noun, verb   [deɪt]  


1. countable a particular day of the month, sometimes in a particular year, given in numbers and words
‘What's the date today?’ ‘The 10th.’
Write today's date at the top of the page.
We need to fix a date for the next meeting.
They haven't set a date for the wedding yet.
I can't come on that date.
Please give your name, address and date of birth.
(especially NAmE) name, address and birth date
There's no date on this letter.
• Anyone who knows of the vehicle's whereabouts from that date until 7 March is asked to contact Bangor police station.

see also  best-before date, closing date, sell-by date  



2. singular, uncountable a time in the past or future that is not a particular day
The details can be added at a later date.
The work will be carried out at a future date.

• a building of late Roman date  



3. countable (BrE) an arrangement to meet sb at a particular time

• Call me next week and we'll try and make a date.  



4. countable a meeting that you have arranged with a boyfriend or girlfriend or with sb who might become a boyfriend or girlfriend
I've got a date with Lucy tomorrow night.
Paul's not coming. He's got a hot date (= an exciting one).

see also  blind date, double date

5. countable (especially NAmE) a boyfriend or girlfriend with whom you have arranged a date

• My date is meeting me at seven.  



6. countable a sweet sticky brown fruit that grows on a tree called a date palm, common in N Africa and W Asia
see also  out of date, up to date  
Word Origin:
n. senses 1 to 5 and v. Middle English Old French medieval Latin data dare ‘give’ Latin data (epistola) ‘(letter) given or delivered’
n. sense 6 Middle English Old French Latin Greek daktulos ‘finger’
date noun
1. sing., U
The details can be discussed at a later date.
on that date/occasion
from/until that date/time/point/moment
2. C
I've got a date with Lucy tomorrow night.
a/an date/meeting/appointment/engagement with sb
have a/an date/meeting/appointment/engagement
make/keep a/an date/appointment/engagement 
Marriage and divorce
fall/be (madly/deeply/hopelessly) in love (with sb)
be/believe in/fall in love at first sight
be/find true love/the love of your life
suffer (from) (the pains/pangs of) unrequited love
have/feel/show/express great/deep/genuine affection for sb/sth
meet/marry your husband/wife/partner/fiancé/fiancée/boyfriend/girlfriend
have/go on a (blind) date
be going out with/ (especially NAmE) dating a guy/girl/boy/man/woman
move in with/live with your boyfriend/girlfriend/partner
get/be engaged/married/divorced
arrange/plan a wedding
have a big wedding/a honeymoon/a happy marriage
have/enter into an arranged marriage
call off/cancel/postpone your wedding
invite sb to/go to/attend a wedding/a wedding ceremony/a wedding reception
conduct/perform a wedding ceremony
exchange rings/wedding vows/marriage vows
congratulate/toast/raise a glass to the happy couple
be/go on honeymoon (with your wife/husband)
celebrate your first (wedding) anniversary
Separation and divorce
be unfaithful to/ (informal) cheat on your husband/wife/partner/fiancé/fiancée/boyfriend/girlfriend
have an affair (with sb)
break off/end an engagement/a relationship
break up with/split up with/ (informal) dump your boyfriend/girlfriend
separate from/be separated from/leave/divorce your husband/wife
annul/dissolve a marriage
apply for/ask for/go through/get a divorce
get/gain/be awarded/have/lose custody of the children
pay alimony/child support (to your ex-wife/husband) 
Example Bank:
Can we fix dates for the holiday?
Give me a couple of dates are good for you.
Has a date been fixed for the meeting?
He really didn't want to break his date with Alicia.
He was late, and ended up breaking their dinner date.
Historians disagree on the cut-off date for the medieval period.
I can't give you specific dates.
I have a date with Camilla on Friday night.
I have two meetings on that date.
I need to find a date for Friday.
It's a great date movie.
It's difficult to put a date on when the idea started.
It's difficult to put a date on when this neighbourhood became fashionable.
Joe's getting ready for his big date on 3rd March, when he gets married.
More money will be made available at some future date.
Please give your name, address and date of birth.
She had a hot date and wanted to look her best.
She met her husband on a blind date.
She suggested an earlier date for the meeting.
She wanted to arrive in time to keep her date.
She's out on a date with her new boyfriend.
The agreement runs from that date.
The baby was born exactly on its due date.
The building must be finished by the date agreed.
The building was not finished by the completion date.
The closing date for applications is May 22.
The election is scheduled to take place at an unspecified date in the autumn.
The foundations are Roman, but the rest of the building is of more recent date.
This yogurt is past its sell-by date.
We can do that at a later date.
We cannot accept applications received after this date.
We must make a date to have lunch.
We need to set a date for the wedding.
What's the expiration/expiry date on your credit card?
What's today's date?
the biggest date in the country music calendar
the date of the election
I can't believe you set me up on a blind date.
Paul's not coming— he's got a hot date!
The building has certain features in common with cathedrals of a similar date.
The coins are all of late Roman date.
The details can be added at a later date.
• The work will be carried out at a future date.

Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary

Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary - 4th Edition

date / deɪt / noun [ C ] (DAY)

A1 a numbered day in a month, often given with a combination of the name of the day, the month, and the year:

What's the date (today)?/What date is it?/What's today's date?

UK Today's date is 11 June (the eleventh of June).

US Today's date is June 11 (June the eleventh).

What is your date of birth ?

The closing date for applications is the end of this month.

We've agreed to meet again at a later date.

I'd like to fix a date for our next meeting.

I've made a date (= agreed a date and time) to see her about the house.

→  See also out of date (FASHION) , up to date

a particular year:

The date on the coin is 1789.

Albert Einstein's dates are 1879 to 1955 (= he was born in 1879 and died in 1955) .

a month and a year:

The expiry ( US expiration ) date of this certificate is August 2013.

date / deɪt / noun [ C ] (MEETING)

B1 a social meeting planned before it happens, especially one between two people who have or might have a romantic relationship:

He's asked her out on a date.

She has a hot date (= an exciting meeting) tonight.

mainly US a person you have a romantic meeting with:

Who's your date for the prom?

date / deɪt / noun [ C ] (PERFORMANCE)

a performance:

They've just finished an exhausting 75-date European tour.

date / deɪt / noun [ C ] (FRUIT)


C1 the sweet fruit of various types of palm tree

© Cambridge University Press 2013

Collins COBUILD Advanced Learner’s English Dictionary



 dates, dating, dated
 1) N-COUNT A date is a specific time that can be named, for example a particular day or a particular year.
  What's the date today?...
  You will need to give the dates you wish to stay and the number of rooms you require.
 2) VERB If you date something, you give or discover the date when it was made or when it began.
  [V n] You cannot date the carving and it is difficult to date the stone itself...
  [V n] I think we can date the decline of Western Civilization quite precisely...
  [V n to n] Archaeologists have dated the fort to the reign of Emperor Antoninus Pius.
 3) VERB When you date something such as a letter or a cheque, you write that day's date on it.
  [V n] Once the decision is reached, he can date and sign the sheet...
  [V-ed] The letter is dated 2 July 1993.
 4) N-SING: with supp, at N If you want to refer to an event without saying exactly when it will happen or when it happened, you can say that it will happen or happened at some date in the future or past.
  Retain copies of all correspondence, since you may need them at a later date...
  He did leave open the possibility of direct American aid at some unspecified date in the future...
  At some date in the 1990s British oil production will probably tail off.
 5) PHRASE: PHR with cl To date means up until the present time.
  `Dottie' is by far his best novel to date...
  She is without question the craziest person I've met to date...
  To date we have spent eight thousand pounds between us.
  so far
 6) VERB If something dates, it goes out of fashion and becomes unacceptable to modern tastes.
  Blue and white is the classic colour combination for bathrooms. It always looks smart and will never date...
  This album has hardly dated at all.
 7) VERB If your ideas, what you say, or the things that you like or can remember date you, they show that you are quite old or older than the people you are with.
  [V n] It's going to date me now. I attended that school in nineteen-sixty-nine to nineteen-seventy-two.
 8) N-COUNT A date is an appointment to meet someone or go out with them, especially someone with whom you are having, or may soon have, a romantic relationship.
  I have a date with Bob...
  He had made a date with a girl he had met the day before...
  I think we should make a date to go and see Gwendolen soon.
 9) N-COUNT: usu poss N If you have a date with someone with whom you are having, or may soon have, a romantic relationship, you can refer to that person as your date.
  He lied to Essie, saying his date was one of the girls in the show.
 10) V-RECIP If you are dating someone, you go out with them regularly because you are having, or may soon have, a romantic relationship with them. You can also say that two people are dating.
  [V n] For a year I dated a woman who was a research assistant...
  [pl-n V] They've been dating for three months...
  [V (non-recip)] In high school, he did not date very much.
 11) N-COUNT A date is a small, dark-brown, sticky fruit with a stone inside. Dates grow on palm trees in hot countries.

Merriam-Webster's Advanced Learner's Dictionary

Merriam-Webster's Advanced Learner's Dictionary: 

date /ˈdeɪt/ noun, pl dates [count]
1 a : a particular day of a month or year
• The date of the party is March 1.
• What's today's date?
• They announced June 10th as their wedding date. [=they announced that they would get married on June 10th]
• They have not yet set a date for the trial. [=they have not decided what day the trial will start on]
• The decision will be made at a later/future date. [=at some time in the future]
• your date of birth = your birth date [=the day you were born]
- see also due date, out-of-date, up-to-date
b : writing that shows when something was done or made
• The date on the letter was the 26th of April.
• a coin with a date of 1902
2 : an agreement to meet someone at a particular time or on a particular day
• He set up a date [=(more commonly) appointment] to meet with his professor.
• “So we'll meet for coffee next Tuesday?” “Yes. It's a date.” [=I agree to meet you then]
3 a : an occasion when two people who have or might have a romantic relationship do an activity together
• We went (out) on a few dates last year.
• She asked him (out) on a date.
• They went to an Italian restaurant on their first date.
• I'm going (out) on a date with him tomorrow night. = I have a date with him tomorrow night.
- see also blind date, double date
b chiefly US : a person you have a date with
• I have to pick up my date at seven o'clock.
• Are you bringing a date to the dance?
• He has a different date every night. [=he dates a different person every night]
to date : up to now : until the present time
• We've received no complaints to date. [=yet]
• This is their greatest success to date.
To date, most of their work has been preparatory.
up to date
- used to say that something or someone has or does not have the newest information
• These textbooks are not up to date.
- usually used with bring or keep
• They needed to bring the first edition of the textbook up to date.
• It's hard to keep all our records up to date.
• This memo should bring everyone up to date on the latest changes. [=give everyone the newest information about the most recent changes]
• She reads the magazines to keep up to date on the latest fashions. [=to know what is fashionable]
- used to say that something is or is not modern or new
• The styles are not up to date.
- usually used with bring or keep
• The book brings the familiar fable up to date by setting it in the present day.


  1. Was history a challenging subject at school?
  2. Are you interested in reading historical books/watching historical films? What is the best historical book/film you have ever read/watched?
  3. Do you believe we really learn from history? What have you personally learnt from history?
  4. Are you proud of the history of your country? Why/why not?
  5. Do you have a good memory? Do you remember dates / names / numbers easily?
  6. To what extent can we trust stories from history? What are some of the famous historical lies?


  1. Is your birthday a special day to you? How do you feel about it? Do you think you were born at a good time of the year?
  2. When was your best birthday ever? How was it?
  3. How would you celebrate your birthday ideally?
  4. What presents would you love to get?
  5. Do you enjoy surprise birthday parties or you prefer everything to be planned?
  6. What would you do if your friends/family/best friend /partner forgot your birthday?
  7. Have you ever forgotten an important birthday? What happened?


  1. What can you remember about your first date? Did anything go wrong?
  2. How would you describe a perfect date?
  3. What does to go Dutch means? Do you think it's a good idea to go Dutch on a first date?
  4. What's a blind date? Do you think it's a good idea to do so? Have you ever been on a blind date? What happened?
  5. Do you believe in love at first sight?
  6. Have you ever had a crush on someone? What happened?
  7. What age is good to start dating?
  8. Is it ok to date people who are much younger or older than you?


  1. Do you have a poor or a good memory?
  2. When was the last time you forgot something? What did you forget?
  3. Is it good to have a perfect memory? Why? Why not?
  4. What's your first memory? Can you remember the details?
  5. What is the one memory you can remember clearly?
  6. What's you happiest memory?
  7. Are you good at remembering names/ numbers/faces/ dates?
  8. Have you ever forgotten something very important?
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