Discussion on Money, Finance, and You

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Task 1: Speaking

First, write your short-term and long-term financial goals.

short-term and long-term goals

Describe your financial goals with the future perfect tense and statements with hope, expect, plan, and intend with perfect infinitives. 


  • Be financially independent
  • Be out of debt
  • Cut back on spending
  • Create a realistic budget
  • Stick to a budget
  • Start saving money

“ A year from now I’ll have paid back my loans.” Or “By the time I graduate I hope to have saved enough to buy a new car.”

Task 2: Writing

In one paragraph, describe the way you manage your money. Use the vocabulary boosters below and organize your ideas in order of importance. Provide examples to support your claims.

writing money management

money management

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this is my answer to task 2

I used to be a shoppholic person.I just bought whatever I like without considering the price and necessity and I did not khow where the money went .now I am trying to manage my money, but how? First and most importantly,you have to stop buying unnecessiry stuff. one way to do that is to be more logical and less emotional about shopping. There is no good in living beyond your means,so you have to spend less than you make and save money. Secondly, you need to manage your shopping list for example you should remember not to buy vegtables more than you need or can keep. Thirdly,stop going out to eat.you can make your meal by yourself which is really more tasty and healthier.As a finall point , you have to keep some money for a rainy day.Something unexpected may happen ,so you have to be prepared and go for it.

Thanks Nafisej. Here are some points:

  • I used to be a shoppholic person > I used to be a shopaholic.
  • whatever I like > liked
  • First and most importantly > also: First and foremost,
  • Unnecessiry stuff > unnecessary
  • one way to > One way to (Always consider capitalization)
  • vegtables > vegetables
  • Thirdly,stop going > Thirdly, stop going (If the sentence is not finished, always add a space after periods and commas)
  • stop going out to eat > also: stop eating out
  • more tasty > tastier

How can I live below my means? It’s something I always worry about. You know it’s about 28 years or even more that I’ve started working (except for the years I took care of my sweetie newborn daughter) and I always had a well-paid job (of course not now!); so I used to spend a lot and didn’t cut meaningless expensis. Nowadays I earn lower so it is very important to live small, and little by little get the habit of saving and cutting unnecessary costs. You know many times (it is better to say most of the times!!!!) I lose track of my expenses and don’t know where the money goes and as it happens I can’t remember the whole things which I paid for. 
I believe I’m not good at saving regularly. I bought a house 8 years ago by making myself owed the bank for a part of its price so somehow I could save month by month.
Unfortunately, I sold it last year in a bad financial situation (in bad circumstances)(both me and my society), and after that my money value has become lower and lower!!!! So that now it’s just the same as the time, I had bought the house, or even before.
Of course I’m not drowning in debt but I live paycheck to paycheck. I’m not financially secured and probably I can’t handle any unexpected problem in my life. God bless me. smileysmiley

Great job Vida! May God bless you smiley

  • years I took care of > I was taking care of
  • sweetie newborn daughter  > sweet … (sweetie is a noun)
  • spend a lot and didn’t cut > better to say haven’t cut
  • meaningless expensis > expenses
  • I earn lower > I earn less than before
  • I lose track of my expenses > (have) lost / and don’t know where > didn’t know / I can’t remember > couldn’t
  • as it happens > better to say: apparently
  • making myself owed the bank > by being in debt to the bank / by borrowing money / taking out a loan
  • a part of its price > could also say: a portion of
  • save month by month > also: save on a monthly basis
  • in a bad financial situation > economic situation
  • my money value has become lower and lower > also: the value of Rial has collapsed OR our currency has collapsed/lost it value
  • So that now it’s just the same as the time, I had bought the house, or even before > and the money I received, is now worth nothing.
  • Of course I’m not drowning > Of course, …
  • but I live paycheck to paycheck >also>  but I am living
  • financially secured > financially secure
  • any unexpected problem > any unexpected financial problem

Task 2

Our economy is experiencing a horrible status right now . inflation compined with recession has built up a devastating situation that one of it's effects is shutting down corporations in different industries which leads to ever increasing job loss among employees .this is my first concern and I'm trying to save as much as I can for a rainy day . to do this I have to keep track of my expenses and plan a mounthly tight budget and stick to it ,I right down all my spendings on a notebook so I can manage them . following that trying to control shopping habits and cutting back on spending has been pretty helpful for me . like cooking at home rather than buying fast foods . 

Thanks Homayoon. Good job smiley

Good job!

  • inflation > Inflation  )Please do not forget capitalization)
  • combined*
  • it’s effects > its
  • ever increasing > ever-increasing
  • a rainy day . to do this > a rainy day. To do this (you don’t use a space before a period)
  • monthly*
  • all my spendings > spending (noncount)
  • right > write
  • like cooking at home > As an example I cook at home… (You need a sentence here.)

I brought up in a family with any kind of financially intelligent. So as you guess I live beyond my means. Of course I wanna change my lifestyle to improve my life. Nowadays our countries economy faces so many kids of problems inside and outside of borders. Duo to the sanctions, our economical life to be affected in so many ways. So, in this situation I have to change my lifestyle and try to find best ways to be more conservative and be out of debts. 

First, in order of importance, I must create a realistic budget and then stick to it. 

Secondly, I should be more logical and considerate of my necessities. Therefore, it’s better to forget about unnecessary stuff to cut back on spendings. 

Following that, for achieving these goals, it’s necessary for me to do the following: 

- Save money regularly.

- Live within my means. 

Finally, I’m aware of all difficulties in this way, but I try to do my best to not let myself down.

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