How to Use "Immigration" in a Sentence

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Immigration is an uncountable noun and it means when people enter a country in order to live there permanently.

         Nowadays, immigration plays a significant role in the economic cycle of the US.

Immigration noun :coming to live in a country

  • Adjective + Immigration
  1. Illegal immigration
  2. Large-scale immigration
  3. Mass immigration
  • Verb + Immigration
  1. Control immigration
  2. Restrict immigration

   Laws restricting immigration into the US.


  • immigration +Noun
  1. Immigration control
  2. Immigration law
  3. Immigration policy
  4. Immigration rules
  • Preposition : from

 There was a sudden increase in immigration from Eastern Europe.

  • Verb + immigration
  1. go through immigration
  2. pass through immigration

We landed at London and went through immigration.

  • Immigration + Noun
  1. immigration procedures; They called for immigration procedures.
  2. immigration checks
  • Immigrant is a countable noun and refers to someone who has come to a different country to live there permanently.

         Mexican immigrants mainly settle in "traditional" destination states like California and Texas.

immigrant from

There are too many immigrants from different countries, who luckily won the Green card lottery.

immigrant to

The winery was started by an Italian immigrant to California.

  • legal / illegal immigrant

The government should provide more facilities to the legal immigrants.


  • Immigrate is a verb and it means come into a country permanently.

Since 1978, many Iranian people immigrated to the US.


  • Refugee is a countable noun and it means someone who enters another country because they are not safe in their own country, for example because there is a war there.

Refugees asked for life-saving assistance and protection for displaced people and promotes solutions to displacement crises.

Author: Nooshin Ashrafi

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