How to Use "Privacy" and "Private" in a Sentence

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Privacy is a noun, Private is an adjective, and in private is an adverb.


There are some important points:

  • Privacy is an uncountable noun, So we use There is, Too much, A little, and How much with Privacy:

Within a big family, There isn’t too much (plenty of) privacy.

How much privacy is in your office?


  • Private is an adjective, So we use it before noun and between as …. as.

My project is as private as yours.

She mailed some private information.


  • In private is an adverb.

Her husband speaks to her in private for a while.


  • respect somebody's privacy (let someone have some privacy)

The press has been asked to respect the privacy of the Royal Family during this very difficult time.


  • invade somebody's privacy (to upset or annoy someone by not allowing them to have privacy)

Her husband's colleagues kept coming to the house, invading her privacy, and expecting food and drinks.


References: Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English

Author: Nooshin Ashrafi

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