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A. Examples:

  • Welcome!
  • Welcome home!
  • Welcome back to class!
  • Welcome to Brownsville!
  • Let me welcome you to our beautiful city!
  • I'd like to welcome you to your first meeting of Weight Losers.

B. Models (Read, Discuss and Perform the following model dialogues)

   1. A student, Stan, returns to class after being in the hospital. He is greeted by his fellow students.

  • S1: Hey, guys, look who's back!
  • S2: Hey! It's Stan!
  • Stan: Hi, you guys.
  • S3: Yeah, welcome back, Stan. It's nice to have you back.
  • Stan: Thanks. I'm glad to be back.

2. A branch manager is meeting a vice-president at the airport.

  • BM: Good afternoon, Mr. Browning. Welcome to Martinstown!
  • VP: Thank you, Les.
  • BM: How was your flight?
  • VP: Oh, not bad. It was a little rough in places, but. . .

3. A small town mayor sees some tourists in the town square.

  • M: Hello. You seem to be enjoying our little town. Let me welcome you to Gold Dust.
  • I'm Thomas Jones, Mayor.
  • T1: Thank you, Mr. Jones. It seems like a nice town.
  • T2: Yeah, I think so, too. How old is the town?
  • M: We're 157 years old this year. . .

C. Suggested Activities (Discuss and Perform)

   What would you do in the following situations?

  1. A host at a party is greeting and welcoming people to the party.
  2. You are the owner of a hotel in a small resort town. Some guests come into the hotel.
  3. You're meeting a friend, who is returning from a trip, at the airport.