Greetings and Farewells

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A :

Hi, Larry
Hey, Alice!
Hello, Bob.
Good morning, Mr. Kim.
Good afternoon.
Good evening.


How's it going?
How're you doin?
How are things with you?
Long time no see.
How are you?


Fine thanks.
Not bad.
I'm fine, thank you.
Very well, thank you.


And how're you doin'?
How about you?
And you?
And how are you?



Bye (Bye-bye).
See you later.
See you again.
Take it easy.
Take care of yourself, Goodbye.


Hope so.
Sure thing.
You, too.

B MODELS (Read, Discuss and Perform the following model dialogues)

1. Two friends pass each other in the street.

FI: Hay, Jim. How's it going?
F2: Oh, hi, Nancy. O.K. How're you doin'? Long time no see.
F1: Yeah, it has been a long time. Too long. Unfortunately, I'm in kind of a rush right now. . .
F2: So am I. Catch you some other time, huh?
F2: Yeah. Let's get together sometime. Take it easy.
F2: You, too.

2. Two acquaintances meet in a supermarket and stop to talk.

A1: Hello, Stan. How have you been?
A2: Oh, hi, Luanne. Not bad, thank you. How about you?
A1: Pretty good. Today's shopping day, is it?
A2: Yeah. I have to buy a few things for dinner tonight.
A1: Uhmm. . .so do I. By the way, have you heard about Fred!
(a few minutes later)
A2: . . .that's really interesting about Fred. Well, I'd better finish my shopping. It's been really nice talking with you, Luanne.
A1: I've enjoyed it too. I hope we run into each other again.
A2: Yeah, I do, too. Take care, O.K.?
A1: Yeah, you, too.

3. A man who wants to check some books out of the library goes to the librarian's desk. L : Good afternoon, Sir. Can I help you?

M: Good afternoon. I'd like to check out these books if I may.
L: Yes, of course. Here, I'll take them. May I see your library card?
M: Yes. Here it is. . .
L: O.K., sir. Here you are. These will be due the 31st of the month. Enjoy your reading, and have a nice day.
M: You, too.

C SUGGESTED ACTIVITIES (Discuss and Perform)

Imagine the following situations. What would you do?

1. You unexpectedly meet a friend in the drugstore. You haven't seen each other for at least a couple of months.
2. A student meets his/her professor on the way to the library one afternoon
3. Two office workers meet by the C°PV machine at work. They know each other only slightly.

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