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video [noun] (FILM)

A recording of moving pictures and sound, especially as a digital file, DVD, etc

US /ˈvɪd.i.oʊ/ 
UK /ˈvɪd.i.əʊ/ 

I'd ​far ​rather go to the ​theatre than ​watch a video.

Oxford Essential Dictionary


 noun (plural videos)

1 (also videotape) tape in a plastic box (called a cassette) on which a film, TV programme or real event is recorded:
You can get this film on video or on DVD.
We stayed at home and watched a video.
They made a video of the wedding.

2 (British) (also video recorder) a machine connected to a television, that you use for recording or showing programmes:
Have you set the video?

Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English


I. video1 S1 W2 /ˈvɪdiəʊ $ -dioʊ/ BrE AmE noun (plural videos)
1. [uncountable and countable] a copy of a film or television programme, or a series of events, recorded on ↑videotape
hire a video British English rent a video American English:
How much does it cost to hire videos?
Let’s stay at home and watch a video.
Rewind the video right to the beginning.
The school will be making a video of the play.
on video
The movie has not yet been released on video.
coming soon to a video store near you
2. [countable] a plastic box containing special tape for recording programmes and films on television SYN videotape, video cassette:
Have we got a blank video (=one with nothing recorded on it yet) anywhere?
3. [countable] British English a machine used to record television programmes or show videos SYN VCR, video cassette recorder
programme/set the video
Can you set the video to record the football match?
4. [uncountable] the process of recording or showing television programmes, films, real events etc on ↑videotape:
The course aims to help children learn through video.
5. [countable] a short film that is made to go with a particular piece of popular music SYN music video
6. [countable] a ↑digital recording of an event, for example one made using a ↑mobile phone:
a video clip shown on the Internet
• • •
COLLOCATIONS (for Meaning 4)
■ video + NOUN
video footage Police are currently studying video footage to identify the rioters.
a video recording Can a video recording of an interview with a child be used in a court as evidence?
a video image (=a moving picture on a video) Video images of the surgery are sent to a special lecture theatre, so that students can observe.
a video clip (=a short video) You can download video clips from the Internet.
video evidence (=a recording of events, used in a court) Video evidence of illegal activities can later be used in court.
■ verbs
record something on video She had no idea that her purchase was being recorded on video.
be captured/caught on video (=recorded on video) The crime was captured on video.

Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary


video [video videos] noun, verb   [ˈvɪdiəʊ]    [ˈvɪdioʊ]

noun (pl. videos)
1. (also video·tape) uncountable, countable a type of magnetic tape used for recording moving pictures and sound; a box containing this tape, also called a video cassette
The movie will be released on video in June.

• Do we have a blank video?

2. uncountable a system of recording moving pictures and sound, either using videotape or a digital method of storing data
• A wedding is the perfect subject for video.

• the use of video in schools

3. countable a copy of a film/movie, programme, etc. that is recorded on videotape
a video of ‘ET’
a home video (= not a professional one)

• a video shop/store


4. (also ˈmusic video) countable a short film made by a pop or rock band to be shown with a song when it is played on television

5. (also ˈvideo clip) countable a short film or recording of an event, made using digital technology and viewed on a computer, especially over the Internet
The school made a short promotional video.

• Upload your videos and share them with friends and family online.

6. countable (BrE) =  video cassette recorder
to programme the video to record the football match  
Word Origin:
1930s: from Latin videre ‘to see’, on the pattern of audio.  
Cinema/the movies
go to/take sb to (see) a film/movie
go to/sit in (BrE) the cinema/(NAmE) the (movie) theater
rent a film/movie/DVD
download a film/movie/video
burn/copy/rip a DVD
see/watch a film/movie/DVD/video/preview/trailer
show/screen a film/movie
promote/distribute/review a film/movie
(BrE) be on at the cinema
be released on/come out on/be out on DVD
captivate/delight/grip/thrill the audience
do well/badly at the box office
get a lot of/live up to the hype
write/co-write a film/movie/script/screenplay
direct/produce/make/shoot/edit a film/movie/sequel/video
make a romantic comedy/a thriller/an action movie
do/work on a sequel/remake
film/shoot the opening scene/an action sequence/footage (of sth)
compose/create/do/write the soundtrack
cut/edit (out) a scene/sequence
have/get/do an audition
get/have/play a leading/starring/supporting role
play a character/James Bond/the bad guy
act in/appear in/star in a film/movie/remake
do/perform/attempt a stunt
work in/make it big in Hollywood
forge/carve/make/pursue a career in Hollywood
Describing films
the camera pulls back/pans over sth/zooms in (on sth)
the camera focuses on sth/lingers on sth
shoot sb/show sb in extreme close-up
use odd/unusual camera angles
be filmed/shot on location/in a studio
be set/take place in London/in the '60s
have a happy ending/plot twist 
Example Bank:
An amateur video of the crash failed to reveal the cause.
Did you remember to set the video for ‘EastEnders’?
He posted a video on his website
I can't find the video channel on this television.
She started making a video diary of her life.
The band are in Iceland doing a video shoot.
The children can sit for hours watching videos.
The film is already out on video.
The group's new video will be released next month.
The infamous video nasty is now a cult film.
The jury watched video footage of the riots.
The speech was broadcast via a video link to thousands standing outside.
The thief was caught on video as he pocketed watches and rings.
Their teacher showed them a video about the Inuit.
They produce educational videos for learning languages.
They sell both blank and pre-recorded videos.
This article and the accompanying video takes you through each stage step by step.
Video files can be readily transmitted over digital broadband.
We rent videos nearly every weekend.
You need a broadband Internet connection to stream video online.
a review of the latest video releases
a security video of the attack
• The school made a short promotional video.

• You can view and share video clips on this website.

Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary

Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary - 4th Edition

video / ˈvɪd.i.əʊ /   / -oʊ / noun ( plural videos ) (FILM)

A2 [ U or C ] a recording of moving pictures and sound, especially as a digital file, DVD, etc.:

My new laptop handles video really well.

People can upload videos of their pets to this website.

We had a video made of our wedding.

"Avatar" is now available on video.

→  See also tape noun (RECORDING)

A2 [ C ] ( also music video ) a short film made to advertise a popular song


video / ˈvɪd.i.əʊ /   / -oʊ / noun [ C ] ( plural videos ) (MACHINE)

UK for videocassette recorder

© Cambridge University Press 2013

Collins Advanced Learner’s English Dictionary


(videos, videoing, videoed)

Frequency: The word is one of the 1500 most common words in English.

A video is a film or television programme recorded on tape for people to watch on a television set.
...the makers of films and videos.

Video is the system of recording films and events on tape so that people can watch them on a television set.
She has watched the race on video.
...manufacturers of audio and video equipment.
N-UNCOUNT: oft on N

A video is a machine that you can use to record television programmes and play videotapes on a television set. (mainly BRIT; in AM, usually use VCR)
He’d set the video for 8.00.
= video recorder, VCR

If you video a television programme or event, you record it on tape using a video recorder or video camera, so that you can watch it later. (mainly BRIT; in AM, usually use tapevideotape)
She had been videoing the highlights of the tournament...
= videotape, tape

Video is a system by which you can see television images or films on your computer, rather than on a television set.

Merriam-Webster's Advanced Learner's Dictionary

1vid·eo /ˈvɪdijoʊ/ noun, pl -eos
1 [count] : a movie, television show, event, etc., that has been recorded onto a videocassette, DVD, etc., so that it can be watched on a television or computer screen
• We're going to rent a couple of videos to watch this weekend.
• She was talking about a popular video she saw on the Internet.
• The video of their wedding was made by a professional company.
• They showed us some of their home videos. [=recordings that they had made using a video camera]
2 [noncount]1videotape 1
• The movie is available on video and DVD.
3 [count] : a recorded performance of a song in which visual images are shown together with the music
• a TV channel that plays videos all day
• Her latest music video was first released on the Internet.
4 [noncount] : the moving images that are seen in a recording or broadcast
• The audio is OK but there's a problem with the video.