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DVD [noun]

abbreviation for digital versatile disc or digital video disc: a disc used for storing and playing music, films, or information

US /ˌdiː.viːˈdiː/ 
UK /ˌdiː.viːˈdiː/ 

I got a DVD of 'Mary Poppins' for Christmas.

Oxford Essential Dictionary


a small plastic disk that you record films and music on. You can play a DVD on a computer or a special machine (called a DVD player):
Is the film available on DVD?

Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English


DVD S3 W3 /ˌdiː viː ˈdiː/ BrE AmE noun [uncountable and countable]
(digital video disc or digital versatile disc) a type of computer ↑disc that can store a large amount of information, sound, pictures, and video:
a DVD player
The film is now out on video and DVD.

Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary


DVD [DVD]   [ˌdiː viː ˈdiː]    [ˌdiː viː ˈdiː]  noun
a disk on which large amounts of information, especially photographs and video, can be stored, for use on a computer or DVD player (the abbreviation for digital videodisc or digital versatile disc )
a DVD-ROM drive
Is it available on DVD yet?  
Cinema/the movies
go to/take sb to (see) a film/movie
go to/sit in (BrE) the cinema/(NAmE) the (movie) theater
rent a film/movie/DVD
download a film/movie/video
burn/copy/rip a DVD
see/watch a film/movie/DVD/video/preview/trailer
show/screen a film/movie
promote/distribute/review a film/movie
(BrE) be on at the cinema
be released on/come out on/be out on DVD
captivate/delight/grip/thrill the audience
do well/badly at the box office
get a lot of/live up to the hype
write/co-write a film/movie/script/screenplay
direct/produce/make/shoot/edit a film/movie/sequel/video
make a romantic comedy/a thriller/an action movie
do/work on a sequel/remake
film/shoot the opening scene/an action sequence/footage (of sth)
compose/create/do/write the soundtrack
cut/edit (out) a scene/sequence
have/get/do an audition
get/have/play a leading/starring/supporting role
play a character/James Bond/the bad guy
act in/appear in/star in a film/movie/remake
do/perform/attempt a stunt
work in/make it big in Hollywood
forge/carve/make/pursue a career in Hollywood
Describing films
the camera pulls back/pans over sth/zooms in (on sth)
the camera focuses on sth/lingers on sth
shoot sb/show sb in extreme close-up
use odd/unusual camera angles
be filmed/shot on location/in a studio
be set/take place in London/in the '60s
have a happy ending/plot twist 
Example Bank:
Consumers are demanding high-quality DVD playback.
I haven't seen the first DVD so I can't compare them.
Pop this DVD in and sit back and relax.
The first edition of the album comes with a bonus DVD.
The movie is available in DVD format.
a multi-region DVD player
• the DVD drive in my PC

• Let's just stay in and watch a DVD.

Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary

Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary - 4th Edition

DVD / ˌdiː.viːˈdiː / noun [ C ]

A1 abbreviation for digital versatile disc or digital video disc: a disc used for storing and playing music, films, or information:

I got a DVD of 'Mary Poppins' for Christmas.

Is the film available on DVD?

a DVD drive/player

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Collins Advanced Learner’s English Dictionary


[di͟ː viː di͟ː]
 A DVD is a disc on which a film or music is recorded. DVD discs are similar to compact discs but hold a lot more information. DVD is an abbreviation for `digital video disc' or `digital versatile disc'.
  ...a DVD player.

Merriam-Webster's Advanced Learner's Dictionary


DVD /ˌdiːˌviːˈdiː/ noun, pl DVDs [count] : a computer disk that contains a large amount of information (such as a movie)
• a DVD player
• The movie just came out on DVD. also; : a movie that is recorded on a DVD
• Do you want to pick up a few DVDs for the weekend?
DVD is an abbreviation of “digital video disc” or “digital versatile disc.”