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  1. What is your motivation in learning English? Is it important to have a motive?
  2. Have you ever tried to lose weight? Did you go on a diet/Did you exercise? What was your motivation? Were you successful?
  3. Are you generally self motivated or do you need outside motivations?
  4. What are some good motives for students to study better?
  5. What are some good motives for employees to work better?
  6. What are some good motives for children to behave well?
  7. What are the things that keep you motivated in life?

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before answering question number 7 I want to answer to question number 5 with some good ideas from a book by Richard Denny named: "Motivate to win : learn how to motivate yourself and others to really get results"
actually I had chosen these to say them in class but unfortunately I couldn't made it due to lack of time so I'll write them here and give you download link of that book which I mentioned.
here are that points that I had chosen:

To create a motivated team you must:
Give the team good working conditions
Explain the company’s mission
Give the team a goal
Remember the individual members of the team Promote the individual members of the team
Share success
Ensure the team is positive
and you can download the book from the link below:

and for question number 7 I can brief it in two word:
my family & my dreams

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