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New Year's Resolutions

  1. Do you make New Year's resolutions every year? Do you write them down?
  2. What are some of the most common New Year's resolutions people make?
  3. What were your New Year's resolutions last year? Are you still keeping them?
  4. Why do people need a starting point in time to begin an activity (like the beginning of the week, month,…)?
  5. What do you do to keep yourself motivated?
  6. Do you keep your New Year's resolutions private or do you share them with friends and family?
  7. Do you need support to keep up with your New Year's resolutions?


  1. What is your motivation in learning English? Is it important to have a motive?
  2. Have you ever tried to lose weight? Did you go on a diet/Did you exercise? What was your motivation? Were you successful?
  3. Are you generally self motivated or do you need outside motivations?
  4. What are some good motives for students to study better?
  5. What are some good motives for employees to work better?
  6. What are some good motives for children to behave well?
  7. What are the things that keep you motivated in life?


  1. What's your main goal in life?
  2. What are your short term goals? What are your long term goals?
  3. Do you ever write down your goals? Why? Why not? How often do you update them?
  4. Do you have any goals which might sound unrealistic to others?
  5. Who do you think you can get help from to set your goals?
  6. Do men and women have different goals?
  7. Do you think setting goals can help you stay motivated?
  8. Have you ever given up on a goal? Why? How did you feel?


  1. When can you say you are greedy and not ambitious? Why one is good and the other is bad?
  2. Do you agree that greed is really a deadly sin?
  3. If you are content with what you have, how can you improve?
  4. Are you a greedy person by nature? Do you know anyone who is greedy?
  5. What other bad behaviors do you associate with greed?
  6. Is it bad to be greedy for learning?
  7. Have you ever been motivated by greed? What can one end up if he/she is led by greed?
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