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US /-ˈter.i-/ 
UK /ˌvedʒ.ɪˈteə.ri.ən/ 

a person who does not eat meat, and sometimes other animal products, esp. for moral, religious, or health reasons

Persian equivalent: 

Our youngest daughter is a vegetarian.

دختر کوچک ما گیاه خوار است.

Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary

Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary - 4th Edition

vegetarian / ˌvedʒ.ɪˈteə.ri.ən /   / -ˈter.i- / noun [ C ] ( UK informal veggie )

B1 a person who does not eat meat for health or religious reasons or because they want to avoid being cruel to animals:

Of the four million people who have become vegetarians in Britain, nearly two thirds are women.

→  Compare vegan noun


vegetarianism / -ə.nɪ.z ə m / noun [ U ]

Vegetarianism is very popular among young people in Britain, especially among teenage girls.

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  1. Are you or have you ever been a vegetarian? Why? Why not?
  2. Do you have a family member or a close friend who is a vegetarian? How do you feel about it? Is it difficult to cook for them?
  3. What are some reasons that people choose to be vegetarian?
  4. Isn't being a vegetarian dangerous to your health?
  5. Why vegetarianism has become more fashionable these days? Isn't it just a fad?
  6. If you had to kill an animal by yourself to eat its meat, would you ever do it? Why? Why not?

Food and Eating

  1. How many meals do you have a day?
  2. Where do you eat your lunch?
  3. What was your last meal? What did you eat? Who had prepared it? Did you like it?
  4. Is there any food you strongly dislike? What's wrong with it?
  5. What's your favorite meal/food/restaurant?
  6. Do you like cooking?
  7. Do you drink a lot of tea/coffee/water/coke? What's your favorite drink? Is it good for your health?
  8. Are you a vegetarian? Have you ever considered it?
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