Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Parents are the best teachers.

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Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Parents are the best teachers.

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It is the one fact parents are the best teacher and I belive that so much .

I agree this statement. because the first place human born in family and learn ver thing in the Small community.child learn very thing in family and the teachers learn frist Society . so time a best learn , society is good.

when i 4 years my dad is ded and i dont know abute dad but my mom is best teacher for me.

yes,i quite agree, since the born until know in all the life my parents learn me every thing , and best teacher for me, and every time help me,they have very experience.

It's not just about parents. Even kids or our younger siblings can be typical examples n as you just said our teachers sometimes. We teach things which we never expected to from ppl who have the least participation in our lives.I totally agree with the fact that our parents are the best teachers to us.

Yes They are I think parents are the best teachers for children . We are great our parents but we must have to respect them . They support us in all stages of our life.

exactly , parent is the best teachers because they achieved the best experiences in their life and they can transfer to us. parents is kindly and lovely teacher, they are closest persons to any person, everyone can use from parents experience to solve the problems , the teacher should be Compassionate that father and mother is Compassionate.

parents spend most of their times for teaching the the children at home so their behavior and social skills manner of using different words in a native language indirectly has a immense affect on their children.