Pets are good for us?

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Watch the video and write the sentences for the following words: 

  • furry
  • Ploy
  • Cuddle 
  • companion
  • revere
  • to be pissed
  • peak
  • stink

What do they mean?

Furry: I can't stand furry pets in my bed because I don't like seeing their hairs scattered everywhere around me.

Ploy: The president of US recently has done some actions as a ploy to show his real character. 

Cuddle: Whenever I meet my nieces I really eager to cuddle them close.

Companion: Some of my friends are the best travelling companions for me.

Revere: Hafiz poets are revered by people all around the world.

to be pissed: I have one colleague who always has a good reason to be pissed.

Peak: If you want to reach a peak of a mountain you should always watch the peak, not under your feet. 

Stink: I don't like to cuddle pets which stink.