customs and habits

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Write about the customs and habits of your country/region. You can choose one of the things in the list below:

Language, religion, hoe the culture is changing, traditions, special occasions, national costume


Every country has its own customs and traditions and according to this fact Iran is nod different then. As we discussed before Islam has had a huge affect on customs, habits and culture of iranian people, but they have tried to preserve and protect some of the ancient pre-Islam traditions during centuries.
Family is exceptionally important for people in Iran and accordingly, families are placed as the core of social culture and many customs and traditions and it always prioritize against any other relationships.
Sizdah -Bedar is one of the ancient Iranian festival tradition which is celebrated in the 13th day of the Persian new year called Norouz. This tradition survives during thousands years. Iranians’ families spend this day outdoor with playing,dancing and eating in the woods, mountains or along rivers to get rid of bad luck associated with the number of thirteen. Also they call this day as the day of nature because of the weather of the very first days of spring. People believe that earth revive again and breathes and they try to reconcile with the mother of nature and show their respect. All trees are on blooms and earth becomes green after winter and Iranians’ people celebrate the end of Norouz holidays and enjoy the weather and earth re-growth. One of the popular tradition of this day is knotting of grass by young unmarried girls in order to have a good fortune and expressing their wish for a successful and proper marriage.

Nice Alireza:

Iran is no different

huge affect > huge effect

Iranian > Iranian

in the 13th day

This tradition survives during thousands years

earth revive again

and Iranians’ people

One of the popular tradition

How language is changing in Iran:

In Iran, we have Persian as our national language although, we have many different dialects all around the country. Such as Isfahanian dialect or Yazdian one. All of them are Persian but with a different accent or somehow with different words. The most important change which is happening is that these dialects aren't existing formal because all the books which are in the education system are based on the accent which is using in the capital. So I think with this, in the future most of these dialects are disappearing. It's shameful to miss these worthful traditions. More and more our national TV is using Tehranian dialect, more and more we're destroying our great traditions.

Many of county people think that it's not well if they talk with their dialect and it's better to learn how it can be disappeared. More and more people is thinking like this, more and more we're destroying our great traditions.

Good job Neda:

aren't existing formal > do not exist formally

the accent which is using in the capital > the accent which is being used in the capital

worthful traditions > the word “worthful” is not used much, better to say: worthy, valuable

More and more our national TV >

more and more we're destroying >

county people  >

More and more people is thinking >

more and more we're destroying >