Old Couple, Hand in Hand

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Hi LTers,

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hand in hand


Seeing old people holding hands is a simple expression of long lasting affection that fills our hearts with hope. They show us a future world exists of tied-together hearts with someone we love.
Makes you wonder and hope that someday when you grow old, you have someone special to hold your hands while you walk,someone who can be with you for the rest of your life.

Our parents helped us, when we needed to help.
So we must help them,when they need to help.

It wants to show that true love lasts forever. When you love somebody because of his personality not appearance you never get enough of this love.

It shows Love Eternal .
They are true lovers , nothing could separate them except death.
This love is more beautiful and lovely than young love.

It shows the pass of time. It shows 2 hands, 20 fingers and hundreds of small and deep wrinkles. Wrinkles that had worked with honesty , pride, kindness, trust and love. And still continue keeping each other firmly.