6D- Giving Opinions about Popular TV Shows

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 D  Popular TV


Read the article. Match the headings and the descriptions of the reality shows.

a. Improvment shows

b. Game-style shows

c. Documentary-style shows

Reality Shows - you either love them or you hate them! But did you realize the are different types of reality shows? Read on and find out more. . . .

مسابقه آشپزی

        In this type of reality show, contestants try to win a prize. The prize is often money or, in some cases, a job. Each week, one person leaves the show until there is only one - the winner. Sometimes the contestants vote on who stays or goes, sometimes the TV viewer at home vote, and other times the show's judges choose. One example is Top Chef. In this show, contestants cook dishes for the host and the three judges. The winner usually receives money, a trip, and an article in a food magazine.

آزی آزبورن

        This type of reality show looks like a soap opera, but it is about one or more real people and their daily lives. Some of these shows are about people on the job, such as police officers, firefighters, or hospital workers. Others are about regular people in unusual situations, and some even follow famous people. One example of this type was The Osbournes. This show was about the daily life of British singer Ozzy Osbourne and his family. In these types of shows, there is no prize money and no winner.


        These shows are about a person or people who need a change. Other people help this person in one area, such as home, style, haelth, or relationships. An emample of this is What Not to Wear. On this show, two hots give fashion advice to someone who needs a new "look." The hosts go to the person's closet and throw away clothes that they don't like. The person the receives money and a trip to New York City to shop for new clothes.


Read the article again. Look at the questions. Check (✔) the correct answers.

Which show . . . ? Top Chef The Osbournes What Not to Wear
gives money      
gives a trip      
has celebrities      
is about fashion      
is like a soap opera      



- Top Chef - What Not to Wear

- Top Chef - What Not to Wear

- The Osbournes

- What Not to wear

- The Osbournes


Find the words in bold in the article. What do the mean? Match the definition and the correct word.

A person / People who . . .

a. present a TV show                     

b. participate in a competition                     

c. watch a television program                     

d. decide who wins or loses                     




a. host

b. contestants

c. viewers

d. judges


Pair work Image you can be on one type of reality show. Which would you choose? Why? Tell you partner.


2 Listening Favorite shows back home

Listen to three students talk about their favorite TV shows in their countries. What type of show does each like? Write it in the chart.

Type of show Favorite thing about the show
Valerie   the models            the end of each show
Young-ho   the costumes        the actors
Claudia   the teenagers       the stories



Type of show Favorite thing about the show
Valerie reality show the models            the end of each show 
Young-ho drama  the costumes        the actors
Claudia soap opera the teenagers       the stories 


Page 63, Exercise 2, Listening, Favorite shows back home

CLAUDIA: That was a pretty good show.
VALERIE: You think so? I don't really agree. I didn't like it.
YOUNG-HO: Valerie, do you have a favorite TV show?
VALERIE: You mean in Australia? Hmm... oh, I love Australia's Next Top Model. Do you know it? It's a reality show.
CLAUDIA: We have something like that in Brazil. It's very popular.
VALERIE: My favorite thing about it is the ending. At the end of each show, the judges choose one model, and she goes home. Sometimes I only watch the ending! I even watch the reruns. Young-ho, what's your favorite show in Korea?
YOUNG-HO: Let's see. There's a Korean show called Damo. It's a drama. It takes place during the Joseon Period. But it's not on anymore. My favorite thing about it is the costumes. Yeah, the clothes are very cool.
VALERIE: OK, Claudia, your turn. Tell us about TV in Brazil. What's your favorite TV show?
CLAUDIA: Well, there is one show that I like to watch. It's kind of embarrassing. It's a soap opera called Malhação. It's really for teenagers.
YOUNG-HO: So why do you watch it?
CLAUDIA: I don't know, I just love the stories. That's probably my favorite thing. It's funny. You watch one show and then you can't stop.


Listen again. What is their favorite thing about the show? Circle the correct answers.


3 Writing My favorite TV show

Think of your favorite TV show. Answer the questions.

  • What type of show is it?
  • What happens on the show?
  • Why do you enjoy watching it?
  • Is there anything you don't like about it?

Write a paragraph about your favorite TV show. Use the model and your answers in part A to help you.


Group work Share you writing. Do you agree with each other's opinions?

Speaking Reality shows

Group work Read about these reality shows. Which ones sound interesting? Why?

مسابقه دور دنیا

The Amazing Race

the U.S.

Pairs race one another around the world. The winners recieve a million dollars.

مسابقه استعدادیابی


the philippines

Teens compete in a talent show. It's famous for the saying "Dream. Belive. Survive."

مسابقه خانه ی تمیز

How Clean Is Your House?

the U.K.

Two cleaners visit homes and clean them up. They share their top cleaning tips.


Do you ever watch similar shows in your country? Why or why not?

"I watch a show similar to StarStruck. I don't really like it, but I always watch it!"


 I can  give my opinions about popular TV shows.

There are 6 Comments

My favourite tv show is documentary, I like to know new places and new costumes.
I enjoy it because they are alot of amazing places that I becoming familiar with them, it give me a fantastic sens.
I don't like sport programs and I wonder how most of men like them!!!

Thanks Zahra.

 that I becoming familiar >>  that I become familiar 

sens >> sense

because they are alot of  >> because there are ...

Tanks teacher 

  I use  ing form in becoming familiar to show  it can be happen in future.

Is that right or not?

I like to watch reality shows. One of them I like is talent show.  This show is about people who contest according to their talent. For example :singing talent. In this show a music is played and contestants one by one will starting to sing on that music. They should have a good self-confidence when they are singing.  Then show's judges that they are famous singer or comoser, choose a top singer. The winner doesn't receive any prize, but he/she learns how become a successful and famous singer.

i like to watch sport tv shows because sport competitions is very atractive and exciting for me.i enjoy watching sport tv shows  because there are many unexpected scenes and amazing events in it. even i see reruns.for example football machs is one of the sport tv shows that many of people like theme and enjoy to watch.