6C- Describing Future Plans

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 C  I'm recording a documentary.

Remote Control
Public TV
Satellite TV

1 Vocabulary Television

Match the words and the definition. Then listen and check your answers.

1. I often record my favorite show.          

2. I usually fast-forward through the boring parts of shows.           

3. I always skip the sad parts of movies.          

4. I watch returns of hold sitcoms.          

5. I never lose the remote control.         

6. Most commercials are funny.         

7. You can learn a lot from public TV.         

8. I think satellite TV is great.        


a. to play a show at high speed

b. to not watch something

c. to store a show to watch it later

d. advertisements for products

e. a nonprofit TV network

f. a service that sends TV shows to homes through a dish

g. repeat showings of a TV show

h. a device used to control a TV from a distance




1. c

2. a

3. b

4. g

5. h

6. d

7. e

8. f


B Pair work Which sentences in Part A describe your opinions or habits? Tell your partner.

A: I often record my favorite show.

B: Really? I never record my favorite show.

2 Conversation I'm going away this weekend.

Listen and practice.

برنامه آخر هفته

Nora: Hi, Zack. How are you?
Zack: Oh, hi, Nora. I'm fine. Actually, I'm going away this weekend, so I want to record some TV shows.
Nora: Really? Which shows?
Zack: On Friday night, I'm recording the soccer game.
Nora: Oh, I'm watching that at Lisa's. She's having a soccer party. She has satellite TV now.
Zack: Well, I'm watching it on Sunday night. That way I can fast-forward and skip the commercials. So what else are you recording?
Nora: Good idea. I hate watching commercials.
Zack: On Saturday, I'm recording a documentary on Channel 11 called TV this weekend?

Listen to the rest of the conversation. What is Nora watching on TV this weekend?



Part B

NORA: Channel 11? Is that public TV?
ZACH: Yeah. Do you want to come over and watch it with me sometime next week?
NORA: Thanks, but I don't think I can. I have a lot to do next week.
ZACH: Don't you like documentaries?
NORA: I do like documentaries. Actually, I'm watching one on Sunday. It's all about soccer.
ZACH: Really? What channel? I want to record that!


3 Grammar  Present continuous for future plans 

I'm recording the soccer game.
I'm not recording the sitcom.
She's having a soccer party this week.
She's not visiting her family.
They're playing the Lion this weekend.
They're not playing the Sharks.

Is Zack watching the game on Sunday?

Yes, he is.                  No, he's not. / No, he isn't.

Are they watching the game on Sunday?

Yes, they are.                No, they're not. / No, they aren't.

What else are you recording on Friday?

I'm also recording a movie.

Complete these conversations with the present continuous form of the verbs. Then practice with a partner.

1. A: What                 you                 (do) this weekend?                 you                 (go) anywhere?

    B: No, I                 (stay) home all weekend. Some friends                 (come) over to watch a basketball game. The Tigers                 (come) over to watch a basketball game. The Tigers                 (play).

2. A:                 (get) satellite TV on Wednesday - finally! What                 you                 (do) on Friday? Do you want to come over?

    B: I'd love to, but I can't. Joe and I                 (visit) his parents this weekend. We                 (leave) on Friday after work.




1. A: are - doing - Are - going

    B: I'm staying - are coming - are playing

2. A: I'm getting - are - doing 

    B: We're leaving


What are you doing this weekend? Use these verbs to write about your weekend plans. Then tell you partner.

  1. (meet)                         
  2. (watch) ​                      
  3. (play) ​                         
  4. (go out) ​                      


4 Pronunciation Sentence stress

Listen and repeat. Notice how the important words in a sentence are stressed.

I'm going to Colombia on Monday.

She's staying home this weekend.

5 Speaking What are you recording?

Imagine you're going away next week, and you can't watch TV. Decide where you're going and make a list of five shows you are recording.

B Class activity Compare lists. Is anyone recording the same shows? Find classmates with a similar list.

A: I'm visiting my mother next Tuesday, so I'm recording . . .

B: Me, too. I love . . . , and I'm recording . . .


 I can  describe future plans.