How to Use "Encouragement" in a Sentence

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  • Encouragement [uncountable noun]

something such as praise or advice from other people that helps give someone the confidence and determination to do something

Example: Children need lots of encouragement when they're learning new things.

  • Idioms:

encourage someone in something: to give support to someone about someone in particular: We want to encourage her in her musical career.

encourage someone to do something: to inspire or stimulate someone to do something: We encourage her to develop her musical talents.

  • Adjective + encouragement: Given the slightest encouragement, he would be on his knees swearing eternal devotion.
  1. considerable (great) encouragement
  2. active (positive) encouragement
  3. slightest encouragement
  • Verb + encouragement : I also have friends who give me a great deal of encouragement.
  1. give somebody encouragement
  2. offer somebody encouragement
  3. provide somebody with encouragement
  4. need encouragement
  5. draw encouragement
  6. get encouragement
  7. have encouragement
  8. receive encouragement
  9. take encouragement  
  • Prepositions
  1. with : with a bit of encouragement, she could do really well.
  2. by/from : you need encouragement from people who understand what you are trying to do.
  3. to :  getting the support of the Queen was a great encouragement to those involved in the project.
  • Phrases

Words of encouragement : perhaps I can offer a few word of encouragement to those who did not win any prizes this time.

by way of encouragement (in order to encourage someone): "But you're doing a great job," he added by way of encouragement.



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Author: Nooshin Ashrafi

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