How to Use "Entertainment" in a Sentence

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Entertainment noun                                                             

1 [uncountable and countable]: things such as films, television, performances etc that are intended to amuse or interest people:

The town provides a wide choice of entertainment.

light entertainment (=comedy)

The dolphins give good entertainment value (=a lot of amusement and interest).

the entertainment industry/business/world

2 [uncountable]: formal when you entertain someone at home, or for business:

the entertainment of friends



  1. A good little program, even if you only want it for its entertainment value.
  2. In the seventies, it seemed that a light entertainment show on television was not complete without a clutch of catchphrases.
  3. There will be live entertainment throughout the day.
  4. The entertainment industry/business/world: Like many in the entertainment business, they love dressing up.


Words used with entertainment:


  • They give us free information, free entertainment, free software, some even give us free mail.
  • Music that could never be taken as light entertainment.
  • Lobster, fish and charcoal grilled steaks are the specialities, with live entertainment on offer most evenings.
  • What had arrived now really was mass entertainment.
  • Some restaurants in the old town feature musical entertainment while you are dining, including fado and piano music.
  • The cost of producing sitcoms and other forms of popular entertainment has been growing.
  • The ban on public entertainment, sport and most commercial activities remained in place.
  • They are two very different films then, the one classified as pure art, the other as pure entertainment.


  • It was real progress in the entertainment business.
  • Some seem to have simply added a pull-out keyboard tray to the armoire / entertainment center and renamed it a computer cabinet.
  • Their goal is to grow as a general entertainment company.
  • Another application area of e-commerce is that of home entertainment.
  • However, the biggest challenge we face today is a willingness by some in the entertainment industry to produce whatever sells.
  • The entertainment world has always been fond of him.


  • Our Exmoor club is free to residents - and you can enjoy regular entertainment, discos and live bands.
  • The other leagues offer a better entertainment package.
  • The navy probably had to provide all sorts of entertainment for these women.


  • Entertain someone with something: to provide something for amusement or refreshment to someone.
    • She entertains herself with the puzzle.


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Collected by Nooshin Ashrafi

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