Formal Letter about Cultural Tradition in my Country

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Dear Sir or Madam

Here are some tips on cultural literacy in Iran, as I know you want to come on a business trip here. I think these tips are useful for you.

About table manner, it’s offensive to speak when your mouth is full. You should eat with spoon and fork, you shouldn’t eat your food with your hands.

Its taboo here to order pork, because most of people are Muslim and they don’t eat it.

It’s impolite to call someone by his or her first name; in formal places you should call them with their last name.

Punctuality is very important in meetings and it’s impolite to arrive late.

I hope these items help you on your business trip to Iran. Have a good place, and don’t forget to  visit our historical places.

Yours faithful

Taraneh Ghanooni

Hey Taraneh,

Check this:

In Iranian culture its custom when you see someone for the very first time, you introduce yourselves to each other politely, and when they already know each other they just shake hands, but it’s not customary for a man to shake hands with a woman, he should wait for the woman to do that.

If you want to tell someone formal address, you should tell the post address, if you want to tell it informally you can give them the taxi way of somewhere.

It’s impolite table manner to eat with your hands, you should use the spoon and fork, and also it’s bad table manner to drink your soup with the bowl, its better to use your spoon.

It’s taboo to order pork, or an alcoholic drink in a public restaurant or public places, but you can have them in personal parties.

It’s cultural literacy here to be on time, not so late not so early. It’s respectable to be punctual. When you first go somewhere it’s etiquette to bring a flower or a box of chocolate.

Women have to wear veil or uniform with scarf everywhere, it’s inappropriate for them to go out without it, but in private places they can put it out and have some fresh air.