humanising your English classes

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As a teacher, how can I humanise my English classes?

  • Negotiated curriculum and syllabus design can prove to be advantageous.
  • Learner-centeredness is a key to humanistic education.
  • Encouraging the students to express their feedback freely can trigger humanism in English classes.
  • Focusing on cooperation, instead of competition, among the students can lead us towards more humanistic education.
  • Engendering mutual trust and respect among the students and between the students and the teacher is a crucial step taken towards humanism in education and language teaching.
  • Giving enough value to the students’ needs, interests, ideas, and viewpoints can humanise our classes to a noticeable degree.
  • Clear instructions and expectations from the side of the teacher make the students more confident. As a result, they will raise the level of their activeness and they will develop their very best to their own classes.
  • The teacher is supposed to make the process of education as stress-free as possible.