Fluency and accuracy

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I examined my intermediate students and the results were terrible. They’re fluent and have lots of ideas to share but with lots of mistakes. They speak Persian with English words. I don’t know how to promote their accuracy. Please help.

Intermediate level is a critical phase that needs to be taken care of carefully. At this level students are confident enough to communicate but due to several reasons are inaccurate. Considering the context and their exposure to real life situations these reasons can be classified as lack of input and inappropriate correction.

Regarding the lifestyle of the students who are not exposed to enough language daily, the gradual unconscious acquisition of the language is out of question. Hence, this shortage needs to be compensated through other sources. Reading and paraphrasing can improve the active vocabulary of intermediate students in a natural context. There are ample reading texts available, on the net and in various course books, which can be of major help to the students.

Inappropriate correction or worse, lack of correction leaves the students ignorant of their mistakes and thus a major way of learning is missed. Correction is a sensitive issue that should be done delicately to avoid discouragement. This efficient method of teaching needs to be highlighted in classroom environment skillfully.

Facing numerous mistakes of Intermediate students can be disappointing and baffling but if it is attended early and efficiently it can be rewarding both for the learner and the teacher.