different students

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sometimes we find a class consists of several kinds of students. they are smart, lazy, noisy, silent, and so on. it will be a serious problem in tefl. what do you think to overcome it?

U never can have a homogeneous class, this is almost impossible. you should plan your activities to meet each taste and devise some teaching techniques that keep all of them interested and busy!

Mary is right. Unfortunately I've been only tutoring these 2 years and I've had no regular classes. But one thing I used to do when grouping Ss in twos was sitting the lazy/noisy Ss beside the cool/clever ones.

in such situations I think a smart teacher tries to mix the students and involve them with each other .I believe that all of them are the same in some cases . maybe all of them are crazy about group activities or games. at first start with their same interests and after involving them try to teach wthevefr you wanna teach. it depends on teacher's creativity and smartness I think .