Authentic or Alternative Assessment vs. Traditional Assessment

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I guess I'm the first one asking a question in the ELT forum!

Hi Hossein, Thanks for creating this forum for the English teachers. This is my question:

What are some of the advantages of ‘Authentic or Alternative Assessment’ over ‘Traditional Assessment’?

Hi Ali, yes you are!

You're welcome :) and welcome to the ELT forum!

These are the main advantages:

  • Authentic assessment can make language students more autonomous and independent.
  • It can help the students to become more active and responsive.
  • The students will develop more internal and intrinsic motivation.
  • It focuses on a process-oriented approach to language learning.
  • The students should not cram for the final examinations, as the main area of focus is ‘continuous assessment’.
  • The lengthy process of education is never victimised at the cost of temporary final examinations.
  • The process of education will be more learner-centered (as opposed to teacher-centered) because the teacher is no longer required to be much too directive. 
  • The student will develop more interest and enthusiasm for English as they own a sense of belongingness to their own classes.