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  1. What's the worst problem you have ever had?
  2. What is your first reaction to problems? Do you panic/ analyze it/ run to someone to talk and get help?
  3. Are you quick at solving your problems or does it take you quite a time to think of a solution?
  4. When do you usually refer to a consultant? To what extent do you trust them?
  5. Is there anyone who is always ready to help you with your problems?
  6. Do you usually help people with their problems?
  7. Are you creative in problem solving?


  1. What does honesty mean to you?
  2. Do you think you are an honest person? Why would you say so?
  3. What is half truth? Is saying half truth being dishonest?
  4. When did you last told a lie?
  5. Do you believe in white lies?
  6. Is honesty always the best policy?
  7. What is your common reaction when you find out people are telling lies?
  8. Can you forgive a friend who has hidden the truth from you?

Freedom of speech

  1. What is freedom of speech?
  2. Is complete freedom of speech possible? If it was, would it be desirable?
  3. Who should decide on the limits of freedom? How?
  4. Are you tolerant of hearing ideas which are against yours? What's your first reaction?
  5. To what extent are you free in your family to express your ideas?
  6. Are there things you would like to talk about that you cannot? What are they?
  7. Which country has more freedom of speech?
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