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  1. What are some losses that can be compensated?
  2. Which one is worse: loss of money or loss of job?
  3. How do you react to your losses?
  4. Have you ever lost your interest in something? What was it? Why did it happen?
  5. How do you usually handle your losses?
  6. Have you ever been worried about hair loss?
  7. Is weight loss a big concern to you?


  1. Are you a Gullible person? Do you have a Gullible friend? What is he/she like?
  2. Do you ever make fun of gullible people? Have you ever deceived a gullible person?
  3. If you see someone is trying to deceive a gullible person do you try to stop it? Why/why not?
  4. Is gullibility a flaw?
  5. Can you think of gullible characters in famous films/animations?
  6. Do you agree that some media think of their audience as gullible people? Can you give examples? What should be done?
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