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  1. How often do you think about future?
  2. How long have you planned in future?
  3. What fears do you have for future?
  4. What hopes do you have for your future?
  5. How will the world change in the next 50 years do you think?
  6. Do you believe you can change your future or is it something fixed?
  7. When will you get married do you think? How many children will you have?
  8. Will you still have the same job in 10 years from now?
  9. Will you still live in the same city/country in the next 10 years?


  1. What's your typical weekend like?
  2. How would you describe an ideal weekend?
  3. Do you have two days for weekend or one day and a half? Is that enough? Don't you think that three days would be much better?
  4. Why do we need weekends?
  5. Do you prefer relaxing weekends doing nothing or active ones?
  6. What are your plans for this weekend? What did you do last weekend?
  7. Is there anything you don't like about weekends and you wish you could change it?


  1. Are you interested in making lists? What kind of list do you usually make?
  2. Do you need plans to start an activity, like learning a new language?
  3. Imagine that you need to plan a party. What kind of details do you include in your plan (number and name of guests, food,…)?
  4. Do you plan your trips or are you a last minute type of person? Do you make a list of things you have to pack?
  5. Don't you think that planning can spoil the fun and surprise of a journey?


  1. What is the age of retirement in your country? Is it different for men and women?
  2. Have you ever thought of this stage of your life? What are some of your thoughts?
  3. Have you planned for your retirement or will you ever plan for it?
  4. Do you think people have to get retired at a certain age or according to their ability?
  5. What are your goals before you retire?
  6. Do you think retired people miss their jobs? How about you, will you?
  7. What are some difficulties that retired people have?
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